Monday, February 1, 2021





Memory Of The Mist


In the late evening

of Autumn,

The wind brought

the fragrance

of last winter

from the memory

of the mist,

and your thought

once again

made my sky foggy

and my heart heavy

with the weight

of the word, untold

                            and my love, unsaid!                           



Her Journey


From a victim to a healer

She walked the path,

Most of the people

Even do not dare

To imagine! –

But she never forgets

To keep her love

Intake in her heart

This is how her journey

Was eased!



I'll Whisper In The Ear

Of Every Thorn


Do not give me

your helping hand, my love!

Do not try

to save me either, my love!

But do not let me live

in a world,

without you oh my love !


Let me die in your love

to be reborn again

in your heart!


Then, I will whisper

in the ear of every thorn,

and I will tell them

how sweet the smell of rose is!


I will remind them a

forgotten story of love

that’s written in every heart

of the earth, without words!




MISNA CHANU: She was born in Assam, India. Though she is a postgraduate in Botany, she loves art and literature especially poetry. Since her childhood, she has been writing poetry. When she was a little girl, she used to write poetry in her mother tongue, Manipuri and later, in English. Some of her poems in Manipuri were published in local magazines of Assam. Her some poetry and a short story were too published in international Anthologies of Poetry and short Stories. She published her first poetry book, “A Little Piece Of Melancholic Sky” from the Authorspress publication house, Delhi. Her second book, an international Anthology “Under The Azure Sky’ is under publication and she is currently working on her third international Anthology of poems “ May Love Heal The World”.

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