Monday, February 1, 2021





You are


You are what I invent

You're the night in my cold hands

You are time in my eyes

You are the day when I miss you

You are calm and I am fear

You are the dictation and I am the mistake

You are the laugh and I am the laughter

You are afternoon and I'm the waiting

You are the memory dressed in gray

And I am the covered body of the past

I am the cry of waiting and you are

The silent smile

I am the delusion of the future and

you are tomorrow dead

I am the dawn and you are the late

It's you and me without us ever





It's easy to be sea when it's sky

Or be mountains of clouds

But not a mountain of words

It is easy to love an illusion than poetry

Nobody taught that culture is our name

Each human with his character his laughter

Each person with the pain of being joy in itself.

I'm still the slave, bound by looks

I am still the artist sold by the image





You don't need to talk

To burn this suffering life

I'm afraid of your voice


Guitar fall under the writing

a thin pain cuts through my womb

Morning smile

forget the piece of the illusion

That I planted in this wounded garden


I kept the saying in my hands

And dreams in the skin




GLORIA SOFIA, 1985, majored at the University of Azores. Invited in Harvard University, Tufts Univ and B.U. for reading and conversation. Nominated for Rolex M.P.A. I. With poem translate in more than 15 language. She go many festival poetry also represented her country Cape Verde in VIII Conference Literature UMass Boston.