Monday, February 1, 2021






‘I’ And The World


‘I’ and the world

‘I’ and the world

The two-contrary analogous

Existing to have a life

Lock horns, as both are sarcophagus

In which a perished soul is panting

Position of both the pairs has been petrified

With every drop of emotion

Moving forward Separation, confusion and cessation

Neither an escapist nor a jailbird

Just a definition with no clear explanation

‘I’ in the world

Or the world is in me

Two individuals, both are Wee

That’s the only plea

Both want to grow

But not allowed to bow

The struggle will end

The day I’ll mix in the sand

‘I’ and the world

The two-contrary analogous

Existing to have a death

Let’s do us separate.

-- Simran Tripathi Shringi



Dart And The Dartboard


An amusement park, it’s too dark

Begins with the instructions; in a chart,

Many games to play

Enticing dart! Fall-apart,

I the dartboard; soul is my dart

This is how, my story starts!!

I’m the winner

Without taking part

The only Attestor moon and stars

It’s time to depart

With a sun’s ray

Only the Dartboard stays!

While dart decays

Without the dart

The dartboard is a fine art

Park opens with a new spark

New instructions; new chart,

Will find many games to play

But will surely! Miss the dart

The dartboard in a frame

Is no more a game

Is no more a game!!

-- Simran Tripathi Shringi





Indian women wear Vermilion

Identified as a Chameleon

A changed identity, without dignity

No more; the once she was

Once a girl with dreams in her curls

Contemplates in her tightly closed bun

Her Self and other assimilate in one!

Becomes a conjunction and a pun

Belong to the two worlds, while she is none!

Describes as a woman, identified shun.

Looking for her home; wherever she runs

The Vermilion suffocates as it interrogates

Identified as other, just like her mother

Cultivated by her mate; without any protest

It is the history that propagates and proudly professes

This is her only success, being subjugate and identified as perplexed!!

-- Simran Tripathi Shringi 


SIMRAN TRIPATHI SHRINGI, a research scholar hails from Rajasthan (India). Graduated from MDS University, Ajmer and has a M.A. in English Literature from Sophia Girls College (Ajmer). An ingenious poetess and has written many poems on the themes like “The world will go on”, “Karma or Corona”, “An Indian platter full of Chinese Fodder” and “Mythical Existence” are her published poems. She is interested in Women welfare and passionate to reach people on globe through her writings and poems.