Monday, February 1, 2021





Let The Sun Shine


The sun is shining in the sky

The mountains are smiling to gaze

The birds are flying and singing

The earth will receive my heart to live in


The stars are sparkling in twilight

I keep the forest nearby to clean

That wild animals walk smoothly

The short and tall grasses are spiky


When the wind blows is seemed to clean

All the small roads can be traveled by

To show how great he nature is

That keep the nature be in the lives


That show how much your love on the earth is

Which makes the live be in safety

If the forest be kept in cleanliness

The pollution will not be there to exist

The lives look like in paradise

And no epidemic will be there scattering

That the world indicates harmony

Rather than atomic bombs are applied



Clean Eyes


No worried to live in thy world

If the heart is in consistence to touch

Let the voice sing hundred times

As long as the sand is not blown by the wind


I gaze the world will be in blooming

The next year will be waiting

And the lives are singing like birds in the trees

Caused by the stars sparkling


To lead the right ways from the blue sky

It is a glory of the sun to shine

The lives will be like the seeds of daffodils

Makes all are in harmony


No worried to live in thy world

As long as the sea is not coming up to kill

Let the nature be in the love and smile

If not, it looks like dark cave


With no lighting to keep brightening

For all are in vain to live in

It has clean eyes as like eagles to gaze

Makes the world will be not chaotic



My True Love On Land


I am in the love of thy land

As I come from the holy land

None of them forces not to live in

Since I meet my true love


How can I come to love

If my heart breaks the rule

My country has a holy aim

Is not like others’ lands


In the new year has a new face

It may not be manipulated

Since it starts a new life

With has no epidemic scattering


Keep the world be in glory of space

Which brings peace to all creatures

The lives are not like before

Is like the open window that lays on



Don’t   Let Them Cry


This world has an eye which can be seen from eyes to eyes

Don’ let them cry as long as they can breathe with the holy soul on the holy land


It might be so to experience by those who are involved in humanity and solidarity

If not, they look like rubbish on the earth they live in


Don’t make the world cry for the cruelty

For the man is said like ditch which has no meaning to die





SIAMIR MARULAFAU was born in Nias, North Sumatra-Indonesia,17-05-1958.He was graduated from English and Literature Department, Faculty of Cultural Study, University of North Sumatra, Medan-Indonesia. He is now still teaching English and Literature, and writing poems and short stories. His works were mostly published in social medias such "HUMANITY"(2015);"LIGHTING” (2016), and some other works or poems   in Indonesian language and English. He is a poet and  conducted a scientific paper and research in Terengganu,Malaysia,2017, Pahang,2017,USM Penang,2017,Singapore,2018, UPM,Malaysia,2018 and UNY,Yokyakarta,2018,and University of Gajamada (UGM),2020.


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