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Vera Is A Poetry In The Bottle ️ ️


At the mini bar somewhere in the corner

The old wine sleeps as it once did

Always present in joy every time

We will come to you not to buy


How many congratulations you have forgiven at every table

Glasses when knocking like a violin🎻 sound

And songs with iso full of life are sung

At every driver and feast the joys are added


Rlekellen a gllejke in front of a dollie

With furfurijin voices and some stories

In the beginning with new friends, and drinking makes a difference

We cross our arms and the glasses knock


From the wine bottle a glass will fill it

Little by little I turn it over and when it empties

Silently the voices of night dreams are heard

A voice ringing between ancient verses


A magic drink like in an oasis

Love came like the sea in a cage

When we raise the glasses for a love

And the sun joined us, raised a toast


You are present at any birthday

Empty congratulations on every human voice

Occupy the joys of every home

Bottled wine holds love strings inside


Write, darling, write before it's too late

Like gala come to the bright muse

The bottle of wine holds many congratulations inside, there are poems and many joys ,,,




Zinka Love


You are the sun that has risen in my heart,

You give me warmth in my chest,

When I keep my anger hidden,

And the tears in his eyes are dripping just waiting for you


Your smile, reflect my eyes,

Your suspension for long hours awaits this heart

What if! Randomly, I think in my mind how crazy,

Nothing strange that I would not think a word,


But lo and behold I trust them until my meeting is real,

While the word and the thoughts go away in a cloud,

The wind pushes you! And do not come back to me,

They come again, and I cannot withdraw from you


The quarrels of love are like the food of the day,

Upset, dark colors like night,

Like clouds flowing in the middle of a rain wave,

The tear of the eye flows boredom from my ardent love,


It is love or the devil enters under us

The accursed devil flees and comes, like a sadness

The heart stings the miserable boyfriend,

When we feel fiery kisses in both,

You and I demons drive us away forever,



We Seek To Spread Peace

Around The Globe


We embrace people because we seek peace

In peace I am born without any form

The word peace is like a metaphor

But we want to keep it close at hand


A pure word as sweet as honey

The white wings that scatter everywhere

Wrap the world over the chest stands

White word with white color


Thousands of people hugged tightly

They rejuvenate and spread peace to us

In our hearts we clear the sky

How love and peace itself challenges us


Peace and me have one life

The soul flourished in thousands of people

Everywhere we seek peace and freedom

Covidi cannot stay suspended either


I love the world with the word peace

There I sit on the flight clouds

Valves are blown by peace with joy

Peace will prevail everywhere over good people


Copyright @Liljana Gega ,,



LILJANA GEGA: She was born and raised in beautiful Tirana, the capital of the Republic of Albania, where she received her education at all levels of education up to Social Sciences. Tirana has been very active both for children and youth, which, Liljana has been active in many obligations, in music, drawing, acting, dancing, poetry competitions. She continues to work in the library, then in her Library as an owner. She has always been close to books 📚 because her work has not neglected books and poetry. Active in poetry competitions, which has won first prizes and less often, poems have been published in national newspapers, telegraphs, interviews, and many other portals, which we have "known", most recently ambassador of peace, is active, where she works, in the acting group, Rrikthimi, as an actress, among the beautiful dramas that they show, in Tirana, but also with interpretations in poetry, in the poetic night.

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