Monday, February 1, 2021







In lilac bells

florid talks

poetic thoughts

butterflies sing

in the rays of sun

in the mornig dew

spider’s webs delicately lure

the inhabitants of this paradise

the grasshopper begins with his music

to wake the silence up

and to look back at his very first memories

he lost in a glade

and got to the garden of dreams





Odd summer

has asleep in the that garden

is it July?

- It’s strangely cold and rainy

and keeps bowing umbrellas in

what can geranium say

or this flourished rose

they both’re looking at the sky

can’t wait the sun

smell of nothing with a rusty spot

Purpule colour inspires senses

on the surface of brook

the frog keeps jumping

from one leaf to another

Looking for unforgettable taste

even the sunflower got wet its petals

It’s all in my garden just like that



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