Monday, February 1, 2021





Standing In The Light


I saw her

Still in the light

Pale in the sky

The Sun in

The horizon

Shone brightly

On his western leave

Her night vigil

Had began

As I gathered

My coat

Around me

Feeling the

Night’s cold chill

With no thoughts

That brought warmth


Of her

There in the sky

All alone

In the darkness

Putting on

Her best face

She had come

To make a showing

And somehow

I didn’t feel at all alone

Became aware of

All that surrounded

The evening’s embrace

Soothing the

Toil of day

The Nightingale sang

A most beautiful melody

Until the light of day

Another night came to end

While I gathered all I had

To face   yet, one more day

Without you

© Juanita Garcia Vera

All Rights Reserved JGV…2015




I love the sight of colors

The scents and flavors fusing

A song that’s brought   to mind

A bright and lustrous hue

Of dreamy scent I find

How beautiful and luscious

Outlining peak and curves

To sway into the supple

With colors I define

And bright and bold apply

To memories that swing by

I love the tint of Pink,

The Wine, the Purple Passion

The colors of temptation

That lights the evening sky

The Peach with splash of Orange

Sweet fruit that holds the eye

The colors of the desert

Are Tan and Browns and Mocha

They softly coat the surface

Calming like water pulsing 

In fountains that I find

One of my favorite colors

Is streak of evening light

Its fire and danger’s warning

It blazes deep inside

It’s blood so Red supplying

The beat of every heart

With ashes smoldering slowing

Akin to last goodbye 

I find the colors tempting

The tints of all my lipsticks

Are flashing lights of time

They feel like lines of poetry

Composing life in rhyme

Wait, I need some Lipstick

Before I step outside

Into the stream of living

Among the streets of time

In lover’s lips, I’m feeling

The sweetest shades of Life 

© Juanita Garcia Vera

All Rights Reserved   October 18, 2020 JGV



Something Wonderful


On that night

The sky in its radiance

Shown its brightest star

Shinning so brightly

That all sought cover

From the light

And unable to see

Walked in the darkness

Fearing none at all

Something wonderful happened

The sky filled with fiery colors

With streaks of Emerald Blue

And Indigo filling each space

Vast was the Universe

As I stood unable to move

I had been thinking

About the words to use

But words shot by

Like falling stars

Leaving stardust

In its path

Only  colors,  emotions

And passion

Filled my Heart

I drew a blank

Unable to describe all I’d seen

Knowing few would ever belief

His love

Covering everyone and everything

In sight

© Juanita Garcia Vera

All Rights Reserved   JGV 2019




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