Monday, February 1, 2021





Don’t Be Angry, My Guitar


You heard the song about the piano

And you start singing directly

You knew her fame well

And start scolding me!


We know about you, my friend,

I do not put anyone else with you,

That I have you in my heart

And to me you are the oldest friend.


You look beautiful, where did they put you?

He always stands in front of me

Never leave the wires dusty,

To see opposite I fly immediately.


Play with you, we make honeyed sounds

And the swans in the lakes engage in dancing.

Please do not overdo the melody

And with them my soul prays


Do not be angry, my guitar,

I play with you and if I'm sick

That you are part of my life,

You will never be separated from me.



Mos Vdis Poet


I beg you many times

Poet please

Do not die

Do not run away so easily


Because the poet lives

He does not dare like that

To escape so easily

Someone expects a lot


Eh! the poet is dying

Who can knit strings

To keep the heroes alive

Exile with longing.




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