Monday, February 1, 2021







Boundary line we decide

separating the hearts

tearing them apart,

shattering the dreams of lovely birds.


We raise walls of barbed wire

demarcating the limits of our hearts

Can we sit upon a dark floating cloud?

and search for the lines we carved out

that left millions with war wounds.


No lines really exist

to divide the hearts of human beings

on the basis of cast, colour, creed,

race, sex and the language we speak.


Let's follow the path of virtue

abhor cruelty

We are all different expressions

of one reality.

In a land of no fears, we shall

live happily

Happiness is shadow of harmony; if follows harmony





Moments are full of wonder

They are the moments of awe

Be a careful watcher!

Life may lose its flavour altogether.


Unclouded eyes

observe magic in the universe

Loving eyes are not lost in crowd

and are free from confusions.


The world up to now

has lived with great hope

Nothing is stable in this life

Neither friend nor foe.


Life is an infinite mystery

beyond our mind

The fragrance of grace helps

us to survive.





It's an arrow that hurts

when heart is left alone

It goes deep and leaves a scar

A formless void behind a carved mask.


To suffer in love is not to suffer in vain

A life without pain is utterly a waste.


Only in pain of separation

we feel the pangs of love

Love is mutation and the new is unknown

Life moves In an uncharted ocean.


It's only in the womb of dark night

a star evolves

It's through a gloomy night that

golden light of the early sun comes.





Turmoil in innocent eyes

World is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery

Love and affection are lost in vapours

In a disturbed atmosphere,


Streams flow to mingle in sea

Let's select a path that leads to

a vast ocean of bliss.

No matter what may be the hue

show seeds of love

that may create a garden within you.


Let’s join hands to light our hearts.

To dissipate the darkness of

violence and war

To disseminate the message

of love all over the world.



RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA loves to devote her time in painting. For her, painting is a mode of creative expression and can communicate souls. She believes that artists play an important role in making of the society. Most of her paintings can be found on the cover page of prestigious Anthologies, published in different parts of the world.



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