Monday, February 1, 2021





My Dream


I won't get tired of living with the dream

when all countries of the world and peoples of the Planet

stop living fighting each other,

and in particular the peoples of the former USSR.

I will never stop dreaming about

that Humanity should live in peace and harmony.

Perhaps this is my very, very DREAM,

For which I have lived for so many years on Earth.

It seems to me that the world came for this,

Allah created me so that I would dream about it.

But for sixty years of my life,

Haven't reached my DREAM yet !!!

I don’t know if I’ll achieve it during my lifetime?

Nevertheless, I continue to dream about it.

And I will dream day and night

Dream, dream, and dream ...

For, without peace on Earth,

Human life is nothing, nothing.

And I want to live on Earth as a real Human,

The person God wants me to be !!!


Poetry And Cake


Nowadays, people are more willing

buy expensive cakes,

which you can eat

in one sitting with tea.

Poetry is also food,

but only spiritual.

And you can "eat" it for centuries ...


Artificial Intelligence


Today more than seven and a half billion people

lives on earth.

More than seven and a half billion intelligences.

Experts say that there are a lot of us,

and it is necessary to reduce the population

to avoid a general catastrophe.

Is it not enough for Humanity seven and a half

billion intelligences?

Why does it then create artificial intelligence

against the background of the general death of Mankind

due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maybe Humanity has decided

leave him behind on Earth,

when it will die out completely from the coronavirus.

Sometimes I don't understand the logic of scientists

world leaders who are engaged

there is nothing to do.

Who needs the so-called

Artificial Intelligence?

Without a heart, without a soul, without feelings,

of whom there are very many now and among us,

among the living ?!

Then, when Humanity itself,

which is endowed with intelligence from the Most High,

does not really understand what a hundred creates on Earth,

what artificial intelligence

can do created by Humanity?

This is what worries me the most.


My Regret


I'm sorry about

that he did not become rich.

Not because I did not live richly,

but because,

could not understand the poor ...



You Were Born


Where you were born

the most precious place in the world.

No matter what the name,

It is the abode given to you by Allah.

Man is born once

and dies once.

Wherever he dies,

place of birth

of course.


Lyrics Of Time


I wander in the wilds of my hometown

With a collection of poems under my arm.

The dense forest looks at me with delight:

"What are you doing with the lyrics in the bazaar?

Oh brother, you must have lost your way

In time: now, after all, the twenty-first century.

And not some nineteenth century!

You can't see, everyone is walking around with money.

Both wolves and sheep are traders today,

Are you here with your subtle verses ?!

Go home, don't embarrass yourself with pathetic lyrics

Can't you see how the people are laughing at you ?! "

I return home sad and sad

A dense forest remains behind.

From a distance I hear a wolf howl

Poetry of my time: the noise of market groves.

I silently drop tears from my eyes

Where are the former paradise gardens,

Where I sang happily like a nightingale

Is it really all gone forever ?!




Glory to Allah for

that my shirt has a collar.

Glory to Allah for

that my suit is with a collar.

Glory to Allah for

that my jacket has a fur collar.

Glory be to Allah that I have something to grasp

when I am amazed at the deeds of people.

All my life my collars have been my salvation.


About Poets


There are poets

who are born poets.

There are poets

who become poets

after birth.

There are poets

who die as poets

There are poets

who refused to be a poet

in life.


Ball Earth As A Wounded Bird


Today in my palms the Earth Ball,

So sad, so helpless, so sick!

Lies motionless like a wounded bird.

And I feel sorry for him today.

I twist it gently, twirl it

In order not to hurt him.

And wherever I turn it,

Pain is everywhere, blood is everywhere, sadness is everywhere.

Our Earth Globe has broken wings today

I do my best to heal his wounds.

Day and night I pray to God to help me with this,

For only He can finally heal him.

Today the globe has a high temperature

Sometimes he coughs, suffers from shortness of breath.

Lies at the artificial lung apparatus!

And his life hangs in the balance ...

Today the entire Earth Globe looks like a huge clinic,

He breathes heavily - through the mask.

Especially in this winter season,

When all around is white, like in a hospital room.

I try to warm him with the warmth of my hands

I do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

I'm doing a heart massage.

In the hope of saving a BIRD named BALL OF EARTH !!!

Oh God save our Human nest

Let us get rid of this deadly disease.

Forgive us for our sins, I beg on my knees

Have pity on our children - your creations!






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