Monday, February 1, 2021





I Don’t Ask For Much


They remain to me a dream

and a white devotion

to the awaited.

I stretch the mind

to the echo of other skies.

I don’t ask for much.

Only a follower

of my heavy pursuing me.




The Triumph Of The Drama


The terror explodes

as bustle and confession

of silences

by the eyelids.

Its color is terrible

in the archives of innocent marrows.

They endanger the shout, the triumph of the drama

heels of Jews, veins embodied in coal

and shells of breath without rest.

Hands crash and stripes of lightning.

At the horizon wrecks of dust

search for the fabric

of the remaining memory.




A Fistful Of Sea


On the boundary of an ocean floor

the unripe sound

of a life stolen.

A fistful of sea

returns with sweat

and the weight

of narrow deserts

in a ghost.

It is a terror

the hunger and the thirst

that in a dinghy

begins her end.




MICHELA ZANARELLA was born in Cittadella (PD) in 1980. Since 2007 she lives and works in Rome. She published the following collections of poetry: Credo (2006), Risvegli (2008), Vita, infinito, paradisi (2009), Sensualità (2011), Meditazioni al femminile (2012), L'estetica dell'oltre (2013), Le identità del cielo (2013), Tragicamente rosso (2015), Le parole accanto (2017), L’esigenza del silenzio (2018), L’istinto altrove (2019). In Romania the collection Imensele coincidenţe (2015) was published in a bilingual edition. In the United States, the collection translated in english by Leanne Hoppe "Meditations in the Feminine", was published by Bordighera Press (2018). Author of fiction books and texts for the theater, she is a journalist of Periodico italiano Magazine and She is one of the eight coauthors of Federico Moccia's novel "La ragazza di Roma Nord" published by SEM. Her poems have been translated into English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Romanian, Serbian, Greek, Portuguese, Hindi and Japanese. She won the Creativity Prize at the Naji Naaman's 2016 International Award. She is an ambassador for culture and represents Italy in Lebanon for the Naji Naaman Foundation. She is speaker of Radio Double Zero. Corresponding member of the Cosentina Academy, founded in 1511 by Aulo Giano Parrasio. She works with EMUI_ EuroMed University, a European inter-university platform, and deals with international relations. She was President of the Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (RIDE-APS), Italian leader of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF). Honorary President of the WikiPoesia Poetic Encyclopedia. 

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