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Just Another Fiction For You


You'll never understand

How much I long for those

Three words from you

Just like an exhausted summer

Fasting for a few soulful drops

Of an opulent monsoon.

Your deafening silence pierces

My heart into several holes.

Those long written letters of mine

Awaits your homecoming.

You never come back and even if you do

You feel like an exuberant exotic traveller

Travelling into my heart to calm the storm

within me

& then choosing to leave it unnerved

After scintillating with numerous memories of passion.

Rapid beats of my heart are now hushed,

As once it has beaten incessantly

Naming you differently each time!

My adorations go in vain,

Still I look for you in my vagabond verses

And bounce back from your story

Where I stand outside like

An uninvited guest,

A trespasser maybe!

You say you never sugarcoat

But my idotic mind engraved

Each & every heavy praises

In the garden of my sacred soul

And watered them to grow as a nutritious tree.

I wish you could venture through

The agony of being unloved.

Melodies turning cold, sounding more

Like a series of dissonant chaos

& they are haunting my brain

With the echoes of a cadaver now.

Eyes which reflected the aura

Of a miraculous morning

Now lacks the courage of unfurling its spell,

They look like a pair of frosty shadow

Or maybe a pair of blatantly cold devils.

You'll never understand

How much it costed to covert

My entire being to an emotionless vacuum

& replace my feelings with the overconsumption of bitter despondency.

I lost the warmth, I lost the charm,

I lost the sense, I lost the care,

I lost the holiness in the obscene process

Of 'love-unlove-relove-no love'.

What I refrain from losing

Is the parts of you in me

Which channels my soul

In an intense fancied sea!

~ ©storytellersuchismita



I Want To Taste Winter With You


I want to taste winter with you,

Chocolate kisses and orange smiles,

Hot aromatic coffees and soothing hugs.

Winter gives me a strange comfort,

As if it brings out the warmth

Long suppressed in my heart.

Cold fingers cupped in your palms

Happily snuggle the flame of security.

Winter tastes like you have owned me

After a 11:11 wish turned true,

Winter tastes like a fresh homecoming

After a tiring span of emotional pandemonium.

I want to taste winter with you

When the falling snow kisses our cheeks

And entangled us enjoy the slow acclimation of love.

I shall be resting my head in your chest

And make you puddings in the chilly mornings,

I can carry your beguiling smile

To draw stars on a foggy night.

You are verdant, you are blue

And I want to see you on a charismatic street shimmering like the christmas lights.

I want to taste winter with you

As your presence will melt my heart

And you will arrest my breath.

I want to taste winter with you

When our eyes will cocoon

The miracles of wonderful spring

And our soul will save the amusement of today.

~ ©storytellersuchismita



To My Love


On a dewy intense night,

I shall be lying with nothing but my solitude

& my lips perching for your love.

You will look like dew drops

And my imagination will hold you

Like a tender grassy leaf.

Long left winter, secrets perfectly suppressed,

Emotions cupped in a tube of insecurities.

One day I will trace you

In between a whopping crowd,

Gazing into my eyes to set peace within me

& whispering the stories of our coalescence

To erase all the dearth & blemishes of a calamitous past.





SUCHISMITA GHOSHAL: Co-authoring for more than 500 anthologies, journals & magazines, both from national and international arenas, Suchismita Ghoshal from Malda, West Bengal dreams high to achieve the heights keeping her feet to the ground. Being a science graduate with an advanced diploma in Computer Application, she is currently pursuing her Masters in Business Administration ( MBA). She also works as a social activist for a Govt. Registered NGO "Prayas Welfare Society'' . A poet, professional writer, scribbler, professional book critic, storyteller, columnist, copy-editor at NotionPress Publishing, content writer, creative writing professional, nature lover and a change agent and former Worldwide Ambassadors' Coordinator for Global Youth Leaders Network, Suchismita also aims to heal people with the majesty of her words. She is a member of various international writing communities. Her work has been published by several publication house including Fanatix Publication, Delhi Poetry Slam, Notionpress Publishing, Book Squirrel Publication, Kalon Maple Publishing, Evincepub Publishing, Bishara Publication, PenBrew Publishers, Inkfeathers Publishing, Kalamos Publishers, Undivided Magazine (Canada), Trouvaille Review (USA), Genre Urban Arts (USA), Explicit Journal (USA), SheWilllSpeak Series (USA), Forever Endeavour Magazine (UK) and many more.  She is an environmental activist too who recently brought reality to her dream as her debut book named "Fields of Sonnet ''. Her hard work has decorated her with several awards and accolades till now including REX KARMAVEER CHAKRA AWARD( instituted by iCONGO and powered by UNITED NATIONS),  AUTHOR PAGES BEST WOMAN WRITER AWARD 2020,  INDIAN YOUTH GENIUS AWARD 2020,  INDIAN YOUTH STAR AWARDS 2020, AAGHAAZ 2K20 AWARD, THE SPIRIT MANIA INFLUENTIAL WOMEN AWARD 2K20, TOP 50 POPULAR AUTHOR AWARDS 2K20 By THE SPIRIT MANIA and NE8X LITERARY AWARD 2K20, INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN AWARD by Deep Dan Foundation etc. She can be contacted through her,

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