Monday, February 1, 2021







Moistened words oozing out in air

Bleeding phrases dressed in despair,

Etch your helpless plea for life

Honour and identity in strife.

Quest for roots in volatile

Glances, echoes fraught with pity

Woman your heart a dew on leaf

Vapourised in the ruthless heat.

Migratory birds get resonant voice

In silent flight above the noise

Of falling snow and shedding leaves,

Unfold wings over the seas.

Fly away you female god

Over the mountains, slips and shod

Once migrating, mind is freed

Woman, the wings are all you need.





Rainbow refractions in a strand

Of cobweb trembling in the zephyr

Would unfold tales of magic in dark-

Transformations of the moth.

Evolutions and mystic dreams

Exuberance in silent screams

That herald birth of glittering shards

Of poesy and fantasy.





Migratory birds over the peaks

Braving silence, wind and squalls

Trepidations and fear of fall

Yet the lure of warmth of sun.

Smell of verdant greens beyond

Frosty death and pretension

Life a migration of light

Towards His grace and illumination.



Dr. PIKU CHOWDHURY teaches in a government aided post graduate college and serves as a research guide and editor of international peer reviewed journals. She is a poet, translator, author, painter, mental health facilitator, photographer.


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