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Relived Anew


Willingly, or unwillingly

 I reached on the shelf

- a poetic volume - the first

by Ignacy S. Fiut [1]: "An attempt to pose questions".


Now you know - you know the answers

"fourth son - alive - of your father -?"

that it is important that you were born

- you were born to be -

To give of yourself to others:

thought - word - like oxygen

sometimes like food for the fish,

sometimes, like leaven - for bread.


Since you tried to ask - in 1989

 - a lot has changed -

or for the better? - now you know-----

Back then - Amstrong played the blues for you

you admired "the twitch of his body,

the flash of his teeth and his hoarse voice,

"whispering with the softness of the jungle."


When Krakow slept you wandered

 - by the Vistula,

following the shadows of the past day

and admiring the hope of tomorrow pushing

the hope of tomorrow before you.

In the morning you drank

with a random man

coffee "an face"

- you noticed that:

" - he was looking for a monopoly on the future".

Maybe he found it because -

you made him say,   

- whatever that meant:

"- life unlocked..."


You answered questions with poems.

With a poem you said goodbye to Irek Irydynski,

who "left with a metaphysical bachtanka"

You followed your Prometheus

to have a private, decent

diagnosis for the future,

which is slowly passing away                                               

and you made of yourself an exegi monumentum

not only in the above-mentioned collection of poems.

Cracow 24.07. 2020

©Copyright by Marian Dziwisz


 [1] Ignacy S. Stanisław Fiut, b. in 1949, professor of humanities - philosopher; academic teacher, poet and publicist. This poem is a reference to his debut collection of poems, Próba zapytywania, published in the Library of Literary and Artistic Magazine in 1989.





Being is - THAT

- what you touch with your body senses,

because through them you smell and taste

- you feel.

You absorb the fragrant,

you run far away from the smelly.

You swallow what pampers

- your palate,

 if it irritates you, you spit it out.


Being is THAT

that when you touch

hardness or softness;

smoothness or roughness;

warm or cold;

- you feel under your fingers.


And only touching guarantees,

that what you see is not an illusion

- a shadow cast by the light on the wall;

and what you hear is a voice reflected

- from a tree or a rock.


You have touched a lying body

- so it is.

If warm, its pulse and heart beat,

- when the wave of his breath hits you

then you know for sure that he is alive.


Thomas, who did not take my word for it,

nor did he trust his ears or his eyes

put his hand into the Lord's wound

and then he understood that he was,

is risen from the dead and is alive.


Judas, to prove to the executioner

that he knew the Lord well,

for the handing over of whom he had taken the silver,

he had to place a kiss on his cheek,

His identity confirmed by a touch.


Now we know

- what Aristotle's mistake was,

who was believed

- philosophers - whole generations believed:

In the fact that he rejected the importance of touch

in cognition

and elevated sight above the other senses [1].


But more than his own eyes,

he believed in words and disregarding

the importance of number and touch

he created a world of concepts in his textbook[2],

considering that knowledge flows from them.

It is enough to learn them

and firmly believe,

so that there is no need

- to measure distances by steps,

nor confirm the presence of the Lord by touch,

for wisdom comes from the words of philosophers,

rulers and priests, who you must trust

- to believe in the meaning of money or a whip.


So do not be a woman of paradise,

who was not satisfied with the sight

that delighted her eyes

and wanted to know what

"forbidden fruit" hides

- in spite of the Lord's prohibition,

for the consequences of disobedience

you will feel on your back,

when you touch it, pick it and taste it.


You do not hear the coronavirus,

- you do not see,

but when it touches you and when you become infected,

you will feel its presence in your body,

so you must take the authorities at their word

- Cover your nose and mouth to avoid swallowing the beast;

Do not hug your loved ones - avoid contact;

be inoculated, or

- know his strength - according to the rule:

- by sticking out your neck:

"'that which does not kill you will strengthen you'.


But who is wise before the harm

And trusts physicists, because they can see

that touches us, even in coal,

in metal luminous rays,

they consciously accept the enemy's challenge,

setting their own arm,

to inoculate themselves and to welcome him

before it falls from the sky - unexpectedly.

Krakow 17.07.2021

©Copyright by Marian Dziwisz


[1} "above all other impressions - he wrote in "Metaphysics" -has elevated visual impressions". For: "The reason for this lies in the fact that of all the senses, sight plays the most important role in our cognition and reveals many differences in what is perceived" [Aristotle, "Metaphysics", transl. T. Żeleźniak, Lublin 1986, vol. I, book I, p. 1]

[2] Book delta in "Metaphysics".


Roma Locuta - Causa Finita


Exalted - proud and eager for applause;

exalted above the crowd - he shouted:

"Let your Spirit descend!

And renew the face of the Earth! - This Earth!"

but perhaps he did not know

that behind the gates of the age this spirit

- is already waiting, not by the will of God

but by the efforts of the human mind,

because in the new century

- Internet has arrived - the Spirit of new centuries,

which with the speed of light

circulates the space,

carrying words and images,

making all languages comprehensible

and creates new communities,

that know no borders or cordons,

in the name of mutual concern, brotherhood,

peace - equality of rights in diversity

- brings together new generations of peoples,

who - a new "Tower of Babel",

to mark the way home

- where a loved one awaits

to every pole,

who like Odysseus delays his return.


So the Spirit stepped forth - causa finita!

when he who called him

ended his life,

placed on the coffin "the Scripture",

read it page by page with the wind

and closed it, just as the lid of a coffin

and the lid of the ages closes.


Since then, with the help of the rebellious,

into dark matters, shrouded in mystery

in the Vatican dungeons or in the impure

bishops' consciences.


Pope Francis has allied himself with this Spirit,

and has decided that punishment should be meted out to everyone,

...who has taken the dignity of others for his own pleasure..;

who robbed others of their dignity for the sake of their pleasures.

and violating consciences.

Thus he changed the old saying to:


for all these things are open,

and for the wrongs done, there is no absolution,

until the guilty are judged

and the guilty will not make amends,

until the Spirit, with his light, illuminates

the darkness of guilt and does not move

-closed by the conscience clause.

Krakow 22.07. 2021

©Copyright by Marian Dziwisz


Enamoured With The Meadow

Ewa Pilipczuk in reference to

             to the July epilogue


Think that - these meadows

in flowery dresses,                                   

hum about the lovers,

who passed through them,                        

of the birds that flocked, love with each other..,                                              

who have made their nest

somewhere in a coastal ditch,                                                     

a butterfly who fell in love with a dragonfly

and other adventures were less important.


A beetle and a ladybird met,

 in a winged embrace

and a crane with a heron somewhere

- by the nearby pond.                                              

There was joy all around

and the crickets played,

under a sky strewn with stars.


But you, entangled

in the fresh scent of hay,                                                 

you also saw the meadows in love,

in the "melody of the wind of summer fulfilment"

in the mists that in the morning

- wrap up the silence                                          

and you enclosed it in stanzas,

the cicadas playing in the grass

and cereals swaying, which I cannot hear.

Cracow 21.07.2020

©Copyright by Marian Dziwisz




MARIAN DZIWISZ b. 1943 in the village of Michałowice near Kraków. He graduated from the Primary School in Wola Zachariaszowska; Little Theological Seminary of the XX Missionaries in Krakow (1961). He completed his Polish studies at the Pedagogical University in Krakow (1966, currently the Pedagogical University) and a PhD in philosophy in the field of philosophy (1980). He was the editor and secretary of the editorial board of: socio-cultural monthly magazines: "ZDANIE"; "LITERARY AND ARTISTIC WRITING" and "FORMUM OF THOUGHT FREE" in Krakow; assistant professor at the Institute of Teacher Education of ODN in Krakow; a Polish language teacher in high schools and technical schools; lecturer of philosophy at Krakow universities. He debuted with poems in Nowa Wieś (1978). He published his poems, among others in the pages of: "Zdania", "Okolic", "Pisma Literacko-Artystyczny" until 1990. His output includes volumes of poetry, among others "Ergo sum" 2007, "Madonna" 2011, "Categorical Imperative" 2014 [available at the Jagiellonian Library], in the years 2015 - 2017 three volumes of the story "Semper in altum - Always up" at LSW. He has published: a series of articles in scientific and socio-cultural journals.

Since 2020, at the invitation of Thadddeus Hutyra, Konrad Stawiarski and Marija Najhefer, Popov has been publishing his poems and essays on the websites of national and international Poetry Groups.


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