Friday, December 1, 2017




I am cryptic, yes.
I am like a ghost who lived but understood nothing.
I am alive and surprised at the world.
The world sees the beauty created by God.
However it cherishes lifeless gold.
O, world! Do love your daughter and son as they were born.
What is this metal for you with the face of the sun but cold?
Heaven doesn't need anyone's precious stones.
World! Open your roads from land to land to someone's love and songs.
A nightingale flies from place to place for its dream's rose.
Whose wings bounce over the clouds to a faraway dove?
World! Do love your eastern daughter and western son as they are both yours.
You cannot count the holes in the pockets as your eyes are blind from the shine of gold.
Open your roads from land to land to someone whose slippers are even torn.
O, world! You have always buried your heart in the chest of yellow coins.
I am cryptic, yes as I don't dare to say more.


The swan put my face on its white gown.
The swan has wings so I don't mind being spellbound.
Aren't you, my love, a faraway cloud?
I know, you walk alone in your town.
You catch the horizon for my heart's sound.
O, wait! My voice can be quiet and loud.
You walk alone along the streets with your umbrella, large and brown.
You wish you reached my shoulders through my hair's cascade down.
That's why you give your face to a curly cloud.
.O, my love, you don't mind being spellbound.
The cloud meets the swan when the moon looks round.
Wait! The swan will fly to your town.
Time invents its stories for both you and the crowd.


Are my whispers heard in the autumn rain?
A crane flew but I thought it was a plane.
I ran after it to reach your place.
I grow older and my eyes get pale.
I failed to distinguish the crane from the plane.
I grow older being the Earth's guest.
I am in the album on your top shelf.
The rain washes your window's face.
We grow older being so far again.
I am still the prisoner of my wooden chair.
Could the autumn winds be wings or sails?
The cherry wine was sweet on our wedding day.


Your ignited eyes float under the sea waves.
The spell still chases your paths.
Now you are out of the seas' caves.
O, don't try to hide your fins as the spell hasn't gone yet.
Time fights against you and wins every day.
When the sea and the sky are in craze, they will tear your hands on the mad waves.
Your hands will turn into fins again.
The sea and the sky may flirt or play.
Dive deeper to know what you were.
Fly higher to be with your dreams' tales.
Mermaid! Don't hurry to go back.
Your ignited eyes see both seas and lands.
When the sun sets, you won't be a lady but a fish in the sea's depth.


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