Friday, December 1, 2017




Talk to me, even if you have nothing to say
And you’ll not hear from me, “don’t go, stay with me in silence”,
you can tell me everything, all what you want through your silence,
but please fight the boredom and frustration,
… invite me in a ONE last dance with the ballad of your dreams
once again, drew with the beauty of your silent breath in the violet parade star gazer
the beginning of an endless sweet romance “always and forever you’ll be mine”
feed me with precious moments that only you know how to give
making me whole again within, then my feeling will talk across my skin
all the words I didn’t say
make me lose then be found
make me fly without wings
without moving from the ground,
hold me tight and closer as if you would destroy if you will
in moments when your tranquility goes me through to through
in my entire body, that same person once I fell in love with,
changing my every inch, reminding me of that smell
like the intoxicating, dazzling spirit of the soul
imagining the shape of your heart as a universal shelter!


Give me a rose,
and talk me about you,
smile while you talk,
I’m in love with your smile dear...
I love your voice and
The way how you talk,
talk to me by looking at me,
your eyes fill me with life ...
Tell me of your fears;
I will help you as much as I can
to make them fade away,
in my heart there’s enough light
to light and lead your way
tell me about the things you like the most,
with your emotion and happiness
I want to fill myself in with...
reveal me all your dreams,
I’ll try to kiss them all one by one
I can promise you will never be alone,
my whole life I would give for you
my life is more beautiful when she is fully lived by you
every breath, every touch feeling flowers close to you
tell me of your biggest secret,
Because my love loves your heart
The most
… More than you could ever possibly think
You are the special one…the perfect one for me
And for that she needs you to be there every night
to illuminate my soul with your bright light
because without the footprints of your heart
my soul is a foreign country in this life
You are perfect for me


He couldn’t stay awake, nor didn’t want to sleep
There were so many things going on and on in his head,
that could not think of anything else!
He was very tired,
insomnia got him dizzy
cigarettes got him besotted,
the mess had him gripped!
As if his whole life had suddenly
passed in front of the eyes within a few seconds!
How many things!
All hidden into the particles of nostalgia!
He wanted a kiss from her lips,
… even a strong hug from her
He wanted to talk to laugh, and then,
In a name of love, he wanted her
to show him how much she loved him.
To keep it in the paths of destiny,
to convince him that she could have faith,
to caress him while watching him asleep
to give him motivation, to give him inspiration ...
To see the stars with her until dawns,
On a night where the whole sky was in the light,
then walk silently under dream thoughts,
that a beautiful reality, they could have been one day!


FATION ÇULLHAJ was born on 28.10.1987 in Tirana, (Al). His passion for writing began since in his childhood at school banks at the age of 12. His writing essays, poems, etc., were always awarded with highest grade by the teacher of Literature; he was also awarded with certificates in literacy competitions among schools or students, encouraging him to continue his writing in a further level, becoming his reason of life. From then till now he has never stop written about everything. Throughout years he has written poems, lyrics, phrase quotes, short and long articles, different essays, prose and novels as well. Songs, movies and especially his ability of being very social, ready to get to know new with people are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him, revealing his own character. Currently is very close to the release of his first novel ever, after a very long and hard work of days and nights. Meanwhile is very active on Facebook where you could find and read all his work in personal account that bears his name.

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