Friday, December 1, 2017




Your soul is a river walking in my world
Sitting underneath my unbroken word
“Letting go” is a hard process I cannot do
Reminding me of that magic, that it’s you

Believing our connection was lead from afar
By the Perfect collision of the diamond star
Exactly in the right moment in the right time
Becoming 1 significant constellation of mine

Your love is the ocean that easily can immerse
Driving me in a whole new stunning Universe
Among all those incredible, unexpected things
… I felt that love between us was meant to be created
Flying on every piece of sky’s mind like butterfly wings

There … where neither signs nor signals couldn’t read us yet
Washing in the twinkling stars … shinning like starry comets
Falling in the dozen of each loving day…living the same dream
Learning by what is foreign to us; love will lead the way within

To you I give you the sparkle of the eye
For I believe now that you're my destiny
I’ll offer the best of my heart on which you can rely
Everything you’ll find in me, is as sweet as could be

Your touch is the silvery smile, the embrace of a freedom … the best
Sitting under the Poetry of your Heart I felt so delighted and blessed
The beauty of your kiss is “Love at First Sight … my Sweet November”
Your light of your sweet eyes within me … the Light of Lights Forever
Irida ZUSI 27 August 2017


Like a cupid I shoot an arrow into the blue air
Spirit whispered the words … you were there
Your touch is an unbroken feeling in my mind
The sight is strongly keen … it all got me blind

I breathed your sound voice falling from the free sky
Romantically it fell to my heart, and now I know why
Your beat heart is a love song from beginning to end
Seems like I definitely found a good heart in a friend

Giving me hope, never letting such sadness passions rise
Holding hands so tight, by looking into each other’s eyes
I prayeth for little minutes to be as humble as they might be
Understand its best meaning … from mighty ages of eternity

One sign of beauty, soft and tender like the breeze fallen from grace
Symbol of invincible defeat, where its flames runs at a very fast pace
I prayeth for rays of golden sunshine glimmering still … beyond the end time
Walking in romance’s beauty halls is a solar eclipse, a faithful moon to climb

…It’s the butterflies upon the heart, sitting near to the blowing kisses bright crimson rim
Its light the red passionate love doth … shade the silent fiery breath burned itself within

You’re that special kind who never told a lie, but only the pleasant truth
Little drops of water make the mighty ocean, shaping your honest youth
By staying closer beside me … not making a fool of me in every kinda way
I’m stick with you in the years of spring; same when I hear that guitar play

Underneath the star gazer and moonlit sky…where eyes can possibly dream away
Across the calm sea, the blessing serenity…where sunset shines on vermillion rays
In you I felt living my whole life in a 1000 kisses deep…such a peaceful serendipity
The space of a sigh, the fragrance of fire flint … the commingle wine of YOU & ME
03 September 2017


I beg you be still my heart
I'll give you joy and love
Bring me laughter at night
The hope from up above

Be still my only one eye sight
Since I longer don't have one
I’ll write in a pure visual delight
Will you be again that “someone”

Remember me…celebrate me…Hug me
to where love make special memories
Throughout years in a replaceable way
Among sincere smiles & words of praise

My feelings are so broken, not that strong enough
And to withstand distance I must learn to be tough
But my love still is hurt, walking through the rough rain
With my head between hands, felt you’re the only man

Still I am wondering for you ... if you’d still be my sweet desire
That guiding light of mine to find my way back home
Love is a faith in a closeness that’ll never end, the home where
Your heart is ... remembering when I was your own

So be my my friend, be my whole
And my senses with you will never love alone
Encouraging time … sharing all what life brings
Recall lost moments from a quite pain in tears

When I looked deep down inside my tired inner voice
All I realized is...I needed somebody’s shoulder to cry on
My world is messed up in each piece, it’s you my rejoice
The sweet kiss of a good night that melts a hard stone

Can you be that softness light of a dearly human touch?
The trust to hold on tightly upon life … I missed so much?
… be my existing future, not my broken past
be my endlesst hope & the promises that last

And I’ll be the only love, that world of almost perfect
The necessary compromises … that make you reflect
What’s the harm than letting it be…the continuity
Of a one fully unified vision of an unbroken story
23 Decembre 2016


IRIDA ZUSI was born in August 17th, 1989 in Lezha, Albania. She graduated with a B.A. on 2011 for Finance-Bank, then M.A. in 2013 for Economic-Finance in European University of Tirana (EUT), branch of Economy. She is an award poetess, writer, translator, a great lover of books and music; songwriter, lyricist that composes melodies of any genre. Above all, poetry and songwriting are her greatest passion of her life, but first she is a Dreamer”. She started to write poetry by the end of September and the beginning of October 2016. Her poems appeared and published in different newspapers, national or international magazines, journals, also in different poetry groups in social network such Facebook. In March 2017 she was a winner in- International Award "Centro Giovani e Poesia-Triuggio" ITALY Special Prize - "Poesia dei Popoli-in memoria di Alfredo Pirola" for the poetry "WINTER". She likes to write about the inner and hidden beauty, nature, the invisible things, the emotional experiences that surround her all the time, the bad and the good ones turning them into beautiful words that express everything in different points of view, situations that change our lives. Inspiration...has always been part of her, the reason where all this started in the first place. Her writings are in her mother tongue (Albanian), in English, Italian, Spanish. Being a songwriter always makes her write with rhyme, rhythm is in her blood and soul. She is deeply in love with foreign languages, as well adores trying new things, discovering new cultures, traveling around the world.

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  1. Enjoyed your poems Irida, Such passion in which you write them. I am very impressed with your accomplishments thus far, and feel your gift with word will only get stronger. Congratulations Poet !