Friday, December 1, 2017




Love me unconditionally.
For you I will be
Water, air
The sun, the moon,
And the stars in the sky.
See me
The same way always.
Do not heed the years,
The first grey hair
And the wrinkles under the eyes.
You know
That when the body ages
The soul stays young.
The interior radiates beauty.
Love me for being me


Our favorite bar exists in time and space.
Nothing changes there.
The floor like a mirror reflects lights
In shades of sky- blue and navy.

Trustee of love’s mysteries,
With the face of a Sphinx,
Concocts love potions
Or collects tears in chalices.

I heard only your voice.
I held you by the hand.
The fingers trembled eagerly.
I saw only your eyes.
We were alone in the crowd.
We found the silence among sounds.

We can return to here, where all began.
Let’s write another episode of life.
Our barstools like giraffes will reach the sky.
The bartender will smile
And give us another magic elixir


Carmine roses bloom in the midst of winter,
Drowsy violets peak from under leaves
And daisies stand white in the grass.
The sun heats the earth
And brightens short days with a warm glow.

I notice  a tenderly embraced couple in a park.
Gracious fate gives them one more chance
For an unexpected meeting.
Eyes, surrounded by rays of wrinkles, laugh.
Wind ruffles hair, tosses delicate
Silver threads of gossamer.

And so, unannounced, tardy love arrived
They have a choice of a new path,
Maybe the last chance for happiness.
Life took away their naïve faith
And burned away old feelings.
It left them some dreams
And much hope for a better tomorrow

They are lost in thoughts
Doubts and fears spring up
From the shadows like ghouls
The head says: no… it’s not worth it… think it over…
The heart says-yes… go forwards… fall in love

Nature stopped the hands of the clocks.
Red flowers bloom


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  1. Dear Poet Alicja, You have a romantic soul. My favorite is "Love Me" As the hands of time keep ticking, taking our youth so quietly away, we do not notice the changes. Yet, change is inevitable. Finding "The One" is a Wonder. Through thick and thin. Together. Unconditionally.