Friday, December 1, 2017




hammering the heels
into an old doormat
I count
how many kisses
did not come out
because of differences in opinion
on topics today nugatory
and I regret all the hugs
that tightened on the doorknob


I look at you as if you were nothingness
you—as if I was not
in one moment the present
warps the looks
curving the past into a collar

bent over you like a mantis
I blacken with a gaze when I wonder
for a moment whether indifference
could be better than memories

once a light breeze
threw off your photo from the fireplace
shattering the glass frame
that is why today I close you
in a matt plastic window
gluing a paper spine
which is still full of broken glass

then I will stand in the draft
let the wind break the loop from the neck
before I become your shadow


cumulus clouds float over the earth
inflated like your mouth
they cover the view
of the artificial grass of eyelashes
in the pond bathes again
the sun dressed as you

on your cheek
could rest butterflies
if you wanted to release them
from the clenched hand

the air between our lips
is a flying dutchman
- each of us wants to become the captain

I jump into your pupils
to start a fire from the sticks of thought
from your perspective I look better
so maybe we will swap glasses
for one evening?


PAULINA BASIAPERCZAK was born on 5 January 1973 in Kielce (Poland). Graduate of: Management and Marketing, Faculty of Management and Administration at Swietokrzyska Academy in Kielce; Nursing, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce; postgraduate studies in history; postgraduate studies in Environment, Health and Safety, and Environmental Protection. In 2014, she won the third place in the Polish Haiku Competition – KUKAI IV EDITION 2014. The same year ended with the release of her debut poetry book titled "MirabileDictu" (pub.: Black Unicorn), submitted for the WislawaSzymborska Award 2015. Awarded in the competition of the Literary Portal FabricaLibrorum: "Christmas and New Year Reflections" (pol. "Refleksjeświąteczne i noworoczne") for the poem "Lack of Nicholas, The Cause of Virginity" (pol. "BrakMikołajaprzyczynądziewictwa") (December 2014), which was published in print as part of the post-competition anthology. Author of a blog dedicated to late maternity and a small collection of song lyrics for children. This year she wrote a fairy tale for children aged 4-10, which took part in the contest "Feather 2017" (pol. "Piórko 2017"). Currently in preparation for print there is a novel: "Late Maternity Like a Box of Poems" (pol. "Późnemacierzyństwojakpudełkowierszy"), and another poetry volume, this time with the scope of lyrical poetry. In 2017, her poems appeared in the third edition of the anthology of contemporary poets "Prayer for Love" (pol. "Modlitwa o miłość"), in the first edition of the same anthology, as well as in the first edition of "Before the Wind Takes Us" (pol. "Zanimzabierzenaswiatr"), published by "Astrum". Since September a member of the Society of Friends of Fine Arts in Kielce.


  1. Dear Poet Paula, I truly loved your poetic spirit. WoW!
    My favorites are from "Moment Like A Shadow". "...when I wonder for a moment/whether indifference could by better than memories." You are very talented Poet!

    1. Dear Barbara Suen, thank you very much for comments. You chose my favourite excerpts of poems. I am pleased that you like poems and you understood sending them. I am greeting warmly. :)

  2. I forgot to add another great line from "Loved On The Doormat". The whole idea of the "Missed Kisses" due to arguing. How many were "missed"? Said a lot in so few words !