Friday, December 1, 2017




Rapture of romance begins everyday,
In every move of your pleasant stay,
You are my silent musical presence,
Your love engraved in my deep essence.

I feel your rapt ravishing vibes
In every groan and moan alone,
You are in every blink of my eye,
In every smile and every sigh.

I am transfixed in lovely contours,
In every turn and twists of moves,
I wake up to an enchanted day,
When I rise in your sweet embrace.

The shining shower of blissful grace,
Breathing gently in your smiling face,
Eagerness dwells in passionate lake,
Flows in pleasure wide awake.

Blossoming flames on lips rosy red,
Deep love breathes in open air,
Exploring each other in adoration,
Freely wrapped hearts in celebration.

Days are small and nights shorter,
Holding each other in fine weather,
Gorgeous twilight tranquillity time,
A scented dream intertwined.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 2017


Let's discover each other again as strangers,
Let's create new ways to explore each other,
With mutual adoration bewitching ranges,
Our eyes keep wandering further and further.

Your smile blooms and lights my heart,
You are all I can see from near or far,
From top to toe you look perfect in all parts,
I am addicted to your being as you are.

You are my ecstasy as our souls meet,
Angel you are mine and will always be,
Now that you're forever mine,
Love of our life has set us free.

When you touch me it's sheer magic,
Craving to hold you in tight embrace
Desires rise to feel you whole once more,
My lips go crazy to touch your face.

Let's quench each other's thirst for love,
Nurture each other with flaring arms,
Place your head on my heart gazing above,
The smell of your skin intoxicated warms.

You fulfill all dreams of my imagination,
Complete my longing romantic fascination.
A rainbow before my  flames pressing,
With endless caress our bodies merging.

Our romantic interlude ignite more electric,
Tingling sensations rise up tip to toes,
Our flaming existence strongly emerge,
We become the breath of life loving force.
Jyotirmaya Thakur©®2017


The first sight of love when I skipped a heartbeat,
Remember when we met in the summer night's meet,
Standing sadly alone till you smiled and glanced,
As you came close beside me to share my stance.

When we held hands and walked on the beach,
When we  touched and hugged our dreams within reach,
Remember when we endlessly wanted to talk,
In the woods we would gaze at each other in long walks.

In warm sunshine days sitting under the bower,
And on winter afternoons amidst garden of flowers,
Remember the promises we made together in candle light,
Having picnic dinner in midsummer moonlight.

Our hearts rejoiced in caring for each other,
Remember the beautiful journeys we started together,
When the world was bright in our tight embrace,
We loved each moment sharing  smiles on our face.

When you look with  deep longing in my eyes,
When you  reach for me with yearning desires,
In rain holding umbrella over our close heads,
And when  you take me into your arms my heart melts.

I know how we cherish every chance to be alone,
In crowded cafe or in office on the  phone,
The elegance of our romance has withstood test of time,
We never feel lost when we are together, we are just  fine.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 2017


The sweet sensation of loving you,
Are longing moments of morning dew,
Touching you is ecstatic delight,
When I wake up with you in flight.

Truly loving you is loving me ,
Its much more than love you see,
Looking deep into melting eyes ,
Ravishing pleasures infinite.

Enraptured your soft cupped face ,
I lose myself in firm embrace,
Sweet melody of beating heart,
Lost forever in romantic grace.

Whispers of nectar words a wonder,
Passionate petals of exquisite surrender,
Mystic wanderer of desperate search,
Entangled emotions in circles merge.

Pure love is beautifully restored,
Softly sparkling meeting shores ,
Walking freely break in a dance ,
Pristine love awakens in trance.

Stars silver dust shimmering light,
Moon reflected in serenity flights,
Nature trembles serenade nights,
Beauty of loving souls shining bright.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 2017


I missed you most when the last leaf fell,
In my forlorn balcony it lay it's head,
I had gone to the wild to catch autumn smiles  ,
But right by my window chirpy birds reside.

My darling when the cold wind blows,
Red leaves dance in beautiful rows ,
A golden leaf left on dry branch ,
Turns and twists in a solo dance.

Freedom regales in chorus of harmony,
Beckons everyone to enjoy its serenity,
Holding on long to anything is painful,
A lesson I learn from tall trees soulful.

Beloved,I missed the last chance to kiss,
Just look at flowers drenched dew wish,
Dawn of your walk in the wet garden,
Shall meet tears green grass saddened.

Autumnal moon mirrors meeting shores,
Ancient wisdom forgives much more,
Nights are lonely standing on threshold,
Sweeping lost petals coloured gold.

Memories are sour sweet loving you most ,
I walk on woodland path as a ghost ,
Alone am I with winds howling cries,
Leaves beneath my feet earthly wise.

copyright 20/10/17.

JYOTIRMAYA THAKUR:  Is a retired vice principal of an international school. She is a bilingual poetess and writer.One role is never enough to describe one's identity. A teacher , academician, administrator , consultant , trainer , coach and counsellor of three charity organisations in India and epileptic society of children in Uk. A creative writer for ‘Poet's Choice ‘forum and Co-editor in ‘My Books Publications ‘. Admin of 12 poetic forums and member of jury for 7 poetry forum contests. A widely travelled person and in love with all cultures of the world.

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