Friday, December 1, 2017




Ballads, violins, candles
And this glimpse of your own imagination
that crosses the narrow borders of the world
The canals of the mind
Those who unite the nostalgic past,
the intense present and the uncertain future
I want those...
And a little reminiscence
To  see you again
To taste you
Let me flatter you
And in the anguish of the moment to re-portray images of erotic passion
Pure love and desire
A naked truth that touched the souls
Shallow the memory
Eternal  the expectation
Abyssinian Plain  the emotional intensity…


Shells, beautiful corals will collect from the abyss  of your eyes
Pearls adorned they imagine
Light and shine are scattered  drifting the hesitation, the embarrassment of the moment
Your lips seal your noble image
Cool the flame of the soul
Infinite thoughts, endless mental whispers, noises
Stable figure your  eternal  inaction, your immobility
No, I do not oblige
With respect, I bless your  transcendent existence
The one who comes and goes
It is captured and lost
It goes ahead and follows
and the soul adorns you with angel wings …


For that look you begged by leaving
For those nights you cried, lifting all the burdens of the world
You felt betrayal flowing like a sweat on your forehead
The injustice to frustrate you
The Hypocrisy to change your will
The lie to greet you with stubbornness
For that bitter kiss we exchanged in our thoughts and kept in our souls ...


SOFIA SKLEIDA:  was born in Athens. She studied in the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Athens. She has a MA in Pedagogy and also a PhD in Comparative Pedagogy. Her scientific interests involve Teaching, School Psychology, Special Education, Ancient and New Greek Secretariat. She has worked as a translator in the Embassy of Greece in Italy, in the Greek Community of Rome, as well as to other centers of Greek language, where she taught for several years the Greek in adults as a foreign language. She has also worked the last years in private institutes as a professor of the Italian language and in the Italian School of Athens as professor of the Greek language She has taught the lesson of Judicial Psychology-Psychiatry in the Faculty of Police Officers. She publishes articles in electronic press, the Greek and international Scientific and in reputable scientific journals. Her texts have been published in conference papers and chapters books. She has been awarded for her participation in poetry and literary competitions in Greece and abroad. She published her first collection of poem (Amphictyon of Hellenism, Department of Literature, Thessaloniki, 2014) titled Dream of Oasis (which has also been translated and published in Italy, 2017)and the Fairy tale entitled  Geometroulides (published in 2016). She recently published her second poetry collection titled Neologisms. In a short time, will be published her third poetic collection.  He is a regular member of the Panhellenic Union of Writers.

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  1. Dear Poet Sofia Skleida, Your intelligence with the written word is astounding. My favorite poem is "Sentimental Exaltation". It expresses a deep yearning to find, to see, to touch, a love that is out of reach forever. It burns the soul with anguish. I am from the USA. So glad to meet you, and hear your words!