Friday, December 1, 2017




As autumn leaves lieon  the ground.
I won't to sleep on the lukewarm....
the clutter stinks with fire.
To day i am writing from the bottom of the soul!
February adorned completely
With heort ond words, images
With red robe.....
They also require a day
To beautify the warld,
Just for a day to love...
even though somebody with a lump
of fever.
To a waken the feeling of love
Can not stand this
beauti ful leaf.
Now this completely dried sound.
Form your Sights or world,
These sensations disconn
E cted from myself....
The female feeling strikes
Aver these ...!
Repetition always
On the male side..
'You like me ,you like me'
I won't to uproot this word,
From my fading heort!


On the vase moved,
I waved my hand
and courageous
hand embroidered,
In mind, I started to squeeze ...
Three verses on business,
where they were hiding
in the fabulous "oasis" ...
The miracles continued,
nice to spill:
"At the edge of the star ...
enchanted by the forest ...
a whole nature ... ".
I thought I forgot
since I started ...
A voice was released to me,
deep somewhere in me, ...
The miracle began,
Started the miracle, ...
Inside me
something was boiling,
all of a sudden ...
It seemed to me
that I was sleeping ... on fantasies
With my heart I felt
that I was grown ...
Touch with hands and mind
All Miracles ...


I have the mon mon,
Skinned in the sky,
I proy to mother
Why didnot i sumbathe..
Ifi was sunny,
Up in blue,
I would like to have a bride
The nazi moon itself
Stones on the ring
I would have the star's...


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  1. I thought that was very moving. I would say sorry to disappoint. Just seemed like someone let you down. I've been doing this for about3 months. I could use some help.