Friday, December 1, 2017




It is a late afternoon
the weather rainy
the windows closed
for the wind outside
the thunder rumbling loudly
shake me from the slumber

The radio is on
playing old songs
while a veil of melancholy
sweetly touches my heart
the boredom makes me wander around the house
lonely at this hour of the day

Listlessly I sit at the desk
and my gaze falls
on a drawer
since long closed
I feel a sudden urge
of rummaging inside
where small objects
papers and old photos
are grouped with care
a folded letter is there too
as waiting for someone
to look inside

It is a poem
a love poem
a poem of some time before
I read it and then
again and again
while some tears begin
slowly flowing down my face

Had I forgotten him

Thinking of that
I hear the doorbell ringing
and quickly
wipe my tears
and go to open
@ Maria Miraglia


Take me away
where there are no men
but birds and fish
heaven and earth
where there are no barriers
nor fences
where secrets are not secret
where you can shout your love
to the wind
away from prying eyes and
malicious whispers
from those who know nothing
of our inner worlds
and can't understand love
because never lived it

Take me away
to feel the thrill of being together
(surrender to passion)
where you can kiss my eyes, my lips
in the sunlight
and slowly make your hands slide
on my naked body

Take me away
to tell each other
what we kept silent
fill the time of innocent silences
caressed by the wind
loved by God
@ Maria Miraglia


Write for me a love poem
when the moon
her maids calls to stud
with shining pearls
the dark dome
Write for me a love poem
when the winds
gently move the treetops
playing romantic serenades
Write for me words of love
when the waves
like joyful children
each other chase
at the first lights of dawn
whisper to the finches and sparrows
your most beautiful rhymes of love
like messengers they’ll come
to my window
singing their songs
to tell me of you
Collect for me
the sweetest words of love
when the morning dew
gently awaken
with its light touch
the still drowsy flowers
in the endless fields
And still write for me words of love
when the sky
on the horizon
in its endless embrace
the sky kisses

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  1. Your Poems are truly from a passionate heart. My favorite is "Take Me Away". The lines ..."Fill the time with innocent silences/ caressed by the wind / loved by God". For love between a man and woman is truly holy. We are his beautiful design, commanded to Love. Write On Dear Maria. Continue sharing your gift !