Friday, December 1, 2017




On the sunny sandy beach
In their relaxing moods
sit two mature lovers|
holding hands

The names of ex-lovers
The memories of youth’s
obsessiveness, illogical follies
are no longer taboos
between them

Together they  laugh them off
They’ve learnt that
life is never a straight line
but rocky and marshy lands
have to be crossed first
before strolling amidst
smooth greenness

Wisdom flashing in their eyes
Unanimously they whisper
“We let it go – irreversible Past
We are the power of  Present.”


Days of youth
Days when love
was the aim

Looking in your eyes
for hours…
Was time endless
or has it stopped?

My long hair
caressing your chest
Your strong arms
wrapped around me
In Love’s silence
we gazed at the stars

“Can you see the moon?”
I asked

For me you invented one
amidst the moonless sky

Magical was your love
Even our mystic motherland
sang our love

Now you’re gone
to a land foreign to me
but  you call  it your home

Now youth has gone
as well
But amidst my hair grey
when I miss you
I listen to the ghazals
that we have shared

I’m never scared of
getting old
but when I miss you
I can hear days of youth
calling me

I smile
and lost in a soliloquy
I whisper
“ Can you see the moon ?”


Agentle love breeze blows in your life,
It spreads the sweetest of emotions,
It kindles the flame of passion.

Like the bee that wanders off towards the rose –
the red rose,
you wander off towards my lips –
my thin lips.
A gentle love breeze blows,
It blows again,
It makes them part,
It presses them together bringing a kiss.

Like a protective man,
Like one who’s trying to protect his beloved,
your arms tighten around my waist –
my feminine waist.
A gentle love breeze blows,
It continues to blow,
It wraps us in a blanket of love,
It makes us closer and closer to each other,
It makes us enjoy every intimate moment together.

( from my self –published book When Solitude Speaks- 2013)
Copyright Permission given by author (myself)

VATSALARADHAKEESOON: Born in Mauritius in 1977, VatsalaRadhakeesoon is the author of the poetry books When Solitude Speaks (2013) and Depth of the River ( July 2017). She is the representative of Immagine and poesia (Italy based literary artistic movement) for Mauritius. Her works also regularly appear in online literary journals, magazines and blogs such as Setu, Indiana Voice Journal, Dissident Voice , Tuck Magazine , Destiny Poets and others. Vatsala is currenly self-employed and continues to write poems in English, Kreol, French and Hindi.

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