Friday, December 1, 2017




Your eyes sing the blues
reflecting worlds both strange and new.
A vortex of colours that sparkle and shine
like the wavy hue of flames
as they lithely move and sway.

Your lips sing the blues
breathing sounds from far away places.
Heavy sighs and lustful gasps,
secret longings,
fantasies made out of dreams…that’s where I live…

As your body sings its tunes
I find myself dancing, swirling,
immersing myself in love’s bliss
savouring its taste,
intoxicated by your embrace!


Reading the book of your eyes
believe me I was surprised!
Meeting you I emphasized
the reason you were unique!
troublesome were the issue
difficult book to go on..
I really want to say I’ve missed you
But I must hang on!

Close your eyes softly
to stop reading this book
let me touch its cover
And make my trouble over!


Show me the way your trail
  to find,
you are the moon that lights
   my sky.
Pave the path
with leaves and twigs,
your tracks that I may find
in the morning mist.

The stars above
I shall request
a rosary on your arms
   to rest
and fate’s law to bequest,
that you may always
lightly tread
while Angels smile
on your sweet head
…and when my way home at night
       I find
your body’s touch sets me alight!


RANIA ANGELAKOUDI: She lives in Greece. She was born in Vaxjo a small town in Sweden and dreaming of became a painter. She studied everything about great painters. At the same time she started to introduce herself in poetry writing some two or three lyrics. Later on at university studied English literature and language. This helped her to meet the famous British Poets. In combination with the Greeks created her own poetic path receiving many international and national awards. The most important is the current nomination of ICON OF WORLD PEACE announced in October 2016 from World Institute for peace organization. Her poems have published in many European and international magazines among the top 10 poems in the world.

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