Friday, December 1, 2017




Whene’er we sit upon the hassocks,
knee to knee and drink our brew
and gaze into each other's eyes,
just we two.

No dirges for the both of us,
those are a long way off,
for faces uncreased and easy laughs
abound our days.

While strength and hope
and fearlessness fill this season of our lives,
we’ll keep our spirits high
and spirits we'll kick back.

For all too soon, time wears on
winter comes and darkness falls
and all those moments whene’er we sat
will seem as distant as the stars are far.

Promise me you'll not forget
nor look back at that time with any regret,
but hold each memory close to heart
and always picture just we two,
when we were the best we’d ever be.


Sepals fall off softly, one at a time, floating to the ground
Underneath like silk, a satin welcome
Now sun kissed and laid bare; feel the breath of Spring on your stem

The breath of new Spring, connect with the seed
Exposing the rose button
Within this opening; feel the breath of Spring on your stem
So close, the flowering petals

Exposing the rose button
So close, the flowering petals
Spring’s mounting ascent

Spring’s breathless release
Sepals fall off softly, one at a time, floating to the ground


You have seen my soul.
We stood at the edge of the world
where both the sky and the sea mate.
No uncertainty about both our needs.
We ride sparkling waves to our next life port,
there's so much behind us,
but then, we have so much more ahead.

You've taught me how organic love is
as we float the world together,
the rattling of our bones together,
day after day, our connection twangs,
we've done without many things,
most of which would trip us up,
except those things that really matter.

You add light for my benefit,
you keep the skies and seas blue
even on the cloudiest days.
When I break you glue me back
with starlight from inside your eyes.

You have awoken something real in me,
you always take care of me,
your hands hold the key to me.
You have the ocean waves to sing your song,
my kind brown eyed man.
We jumped the broom and shattered the glass.
Our unconventional life, somehow,
this grand sail with you never grows tiresome.
I love you most when you check out the fancy girls
and then turn around and beg for me.



  1. Thank you, Nilavronill. I appreciate that you found merit in my work.

  2. Linda, your poems are a genuine love story. I love the intimacy of your poem "Sailing", as it represents a lifetime of being ONE, together in every way. My favorite part is the last two lines, "I love you the most when you check out the fancy girls/ and then turn around and beg for me." I was Wowed ! Barbara Suen !

  3. Your words are so kind! Thank you very much, Barbara.