Friday, December 1, 2017




the stillness broke the moment we touched hands
leading to a warm embrace, a fond caress
hearts full of compassion, only we can feel
how truly blessed we are!

our eyes spoke of tenderness and joy
partaking communion anointed by spirit guides
while bodies and souls merged as one, we know
how truly blessed we are!

dawn breaks into adventures in the wooded trails
and evenings draw images of the fabled skies
behind the rainbow clouds, the sun and stars glisten
how truly blessed we are!

facing the brevity of time, our lives move along
with cherished memories etched deep in our thoughts
with loving hearts, to our Source, we give thanks
how truly blessed we are!

Benedicta Q. Ruiz
Copyright: 09/09/2017


will you remember
those moments seized
before the sun rises
our early morning breaths
bursting into mists
with the cool breeze
we sang, we laughed
we loved.

will you remember
the stillness of the dusk
as we watched the sun's rays
folding into the ocean's depths
the rolling waves
whispering in the dark
their deepest secrets
allowing us in a moment
of contemplation
time moves so swiftly.

will you remember
the unspoken promises
for we lived not for the day
or the day after
but in the loving presence
anointed by our Source
our eyes solemnly speak
“i am here for you...
you are here for me.”

will you remember
we can only receive
what has been given
in our time and space
the cup full of love
we sipped from
has nourished our hearts
to infinity
so if i go away
and you must stay
love will linger on.

Benedicta Q. Ruiz
Copyright: 06/10/2017


cast them into the air
those hollow promises
tearing the heart
let them fly
far, far away.

free that soul
to welcome
the crisp cool dawn
bringing forth hope
take it into your bosom
nurture to bloom.

swirling within reach
love... divine
this is the moment
to open the heart
embrace it
feel it.

Benedicta Q. Ruiz
Copyright: 07/27/2017


BENEDICTA Q. RUIZ: Love, it's very essence captivates the soul.  As what others have said, “Love changes everything...”. In her senior years, Benedicta finds that age is not a barrier to express feelings and thoughts of love in its various manifestations such as true compassion, kindness and equanimity, after all it keeps one,  young at heart. Love will always serve as an inspiration for her to write verses, essays or stories, whether true or fictional, romantic or heart-breaking.

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