Friday, December 1, 2017




Ashes  drifting on the wind  remains  of what once was,

Memories   of  love  and  lives   treasured,

Like  sparkling sand upon a pure white beach.

Love letters written in a journal  recounting what  had been.

Pictures   of  two  lovers  walking  hand and hand along

The sand,

Gazing into each others  eyes and knowing this will last

An eternity  and never wash away,

Like   the   tides  rolling  in and out in  timeless harmony,

Their  love was  there  to  stay.

Time  stops for no man and soon  one   passed  away,

Leaving nothing but  memories   and photos  in a journal,

Marking the  march of time  and  keeping the memory alive,

For  the  remaining lover   to  count  the many  ways,

That   the  time  of  roses   turned   to ashes   and quickly blew away.


Touch me softly across my troubled brow,
Take the worry lines away,
Touch the backs of my hands and caress my neck,
Removing the tension and stress of the day.

Kiss my lips slowly, sensuously, your tongue
lightly touching mine,
Your fingertips like gossamer wings outlining
the tips of my breasts,
You send chills down my spine.

Your kisses are like fine berry wine,
You cradle me close to your warmth
to take the chill of the evening away,
Your body enfolds me like a soft down coverlet,
Your breath in my ear is warm and comforting.

I feel your hands running their course
across my back,
You entwine your fingers in strands
of my long, black hair,
I smell your maleness as I rest my head
on your chest,
Your heart beating in time with mine.

Some things are seemingly priceless,
Love is one of these.
Frequently it is tossed aside carelessly,
To embrace worldly things.

Caress me softly, kissing my lips,
As you move in rhythm with me,
In a timeless ritual as deep as the wind tossed sea.


Come to me in the moonlight,
Ribbons of darkness floating across the sky,
Come taste my soft, cherry lips,
Caress my cold breast  with your fingertips.

Come to me in the moonlight,
Shadows playing across the walls,
Hold me close in pale quiet
Your blood mingling with mine
as we explore,
New tastes and hidden delights.

Come to me in the moonlight,
Your dark wings beating against the sky,
Come taste my soft, cherry lips,
Caress my cold breast with your fingertips.

Your blood mingling with mine,
My pulse ringing in my veins,
As we explore new tastes
and hidden delights.

Your dark wings beating against the sky,
Your shadow quickly disappears,
As the light of day starts to reappear,
I still feel the soft silk of your hair on my face,
As the essence of your delicious blood I
still taste.


ANN LANDRUM-STOCKSTILL: Ann received her Bachelor of Science and Masters of Education degrees from Texas A&M in Commerce, Texas and taught middle school and junior high school Science and English.  She is currently working as a parole officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. She owns and operates Coyote Creek Ranch in Winona, Texas, and specializes in raising black/white homozygous paint horses, which she ships internationally. Poetry and writing became therapy and a way to express  her feelings and emotions about the natural and imaginary world that surrounds her.

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  1. Dear Poet Ann, Your words are warm and deeply romantic. Full of sensual sights for the reader. I could relate to "Ashes To Roses", feeling the loss of that love. As mortals, we think we have forever. I could hear the ticking of the clock. It does not stop. Left with moments we play, like a movie, over and over in our minds, sweet memories of what once was. Loved this INK !