Friday, December 1, 2017




I feel that you miss me,

and I love your restlessness and emptiness,

while upset you stream to me

like the breeze through the tranquillity.

I love your body,

your sigh which warms me

and your eyes as two deer’s fearful are.

I love that fear which tails you,

but you never wanted to admit,

not yesterday, nor tomorrow, neither today.

Maybe, maybe, maybe one day,

one morning,when you feel

the same shiver wakes us,

when it startles us,

steals our peace

and arise

new hopes

for us.


You brought me into your dream,

on your hands overgrown with moss,

you brought me into the cave,

where we come from

and where we return again,

we wild women and man,

with an urge for nature but so as it is

and not for the kind we imagine.

You brought me to your fire place

next to your eternal fire to lie

naked and hot,

and I'm giving birth to your dreams

and your new worlds.

You brought me

to the cloud of fog,

as an angel

and you bind me in black

not to look in the lie,

but to become stronger.

And I laugh with the laughter

of a crazy and happy woman ...

You brought me,

you took me with you,

you've always protect me

from the world of the lies

which we only dream

and which we do not live.


Stone in the chest,

tears in the eyes,

night in the tatters,

and you in my thoughts.

The lone man, stood in the rain,

dog was in the bucket

and the trampled flowers cried.

The last smoke fled, somebody ran away

and my heart beats strong,

stronger, stronger than ever,

weil one shadow passed by

and I thought it was yours.

My hand  covered my mouth

and hid my heart deep under the skin

wet from the rain,

one tear touched my face,

and the dog went somewhere,

the lone man, met and hugged somebody

the flowers cried sadly again

and the stone turned into the sand.

The tear evaporated from my eye

the shadow disappear

like the darkness in the dark

my heart stopped beating

and I forgot you.


ELVIRA KUJOVIC was born in Novi Pazar –Serbia. She has studied English Language and Literature and Law. She is a mother of three children and lives in Germany. She started to write in 2013 and issued two books of poems.The first book was published in Berlin in 2016 and bears the name (Ein Gedicht schreit auf aus meiner Brust)The second book is published in Belgrade –Serbia and bears the name (Love and fear). Her poetry won an award for poetry in Italy. Her poems are translated in many world languages, especially English and Italian. Also, two new books will be published in these two languages.

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  1. Poet Elvira, I love the cave man poem, "You Stole Me"!!! What life would be like so very long ago. My favorite line was, "from the world of lies / which we only dream / and which we do not live". As many live their "some day" for that dream, losing sight of Time. Sometimes not reaching it, as the wait was so long. Congratulations on all of your incredible accomplishments , thus far! Write On Dear Elvira.