Friday, December 1, 2017




There is the Hellenic sea listening to us:
seagulls, shores,
ships, chronicle.

My hometown is
just a story
in the silence of centuries.

An old olive tree
told me.


You, always
watching the sky
full of birds.
You, not feeling
the flow of time,
yet knowing
all the old roads.
You must be
a tramp.
The olive branch
that I bring to you,
is a symbol of peace
and freedom...


A bamboo grove
and a nightingales song.

Today is a holiday,
cherry trees in blossom
back home.

What a view!
Early snow –
on the Mount Fuyi.

A tired workman
in the rice field
awaiting rain.

The road to you
is full of reed and
wet leaves.

The monlight.
Wild geese cry.
A field under the snow.

I enjoy your
smell and whiteness,
cherry flower.

you are my only friend
in this snowy night.

How sad
the old tree is
after rain.

No, thats not the linen.
Clear river carries
autumn leaves.


MILUTIN DJURIČKOVIĆ  was born on 1967 in Decanе (Serbia). He graduated at the Department for Serbian Philology in Pristina, where his master's degree He earned his doctorate at the Faculty of Philosophy in East Sarajevo. He works as a professor at the College of Professional Studies for Educators in Aleksinac. A collaborator of many newspapers and magazines.. Represented in 40 anthologies of poetry and stories for children and adults. His poems were composed and individually translated into 20 languages. Member of the Serbian Rojal Academy fo scinentists and artists, Association of Writers of Serbia and the Association of Journalists of Serbia. He published 60 books for children and adults (poems, novel, story, critic, monography, anthology…). Lives in Belgrade.

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  1. Dear Poet and Professor Milutin Djurickovic, Your poems are outstanding. I love the beauty and simplicity of "Silence"! The words..."My hometown is/just a story/ in the silence of centuries" It reminds me, not only of mortality of man, but that it could be considered a universal statement. I admire your accomplishments. It is a dream of mine to publish my own book of Poetry and also, write "childrens" books! So nice to see your words "here" ! Happy to meet you through your words !