Friday, December 1, 2017




Enveloping caress of moonlight
Stirs the lake placid within
Like two enamoured sculptures ,
we lean on each other
Listening to the resonance of breaths
Move like two fireflies, hand in hand
Whispering.. caressing.. groping
Hearts entwined, eyes probing
Lips quivering like thin leaves
I am yours and you are mine
That is the only truth sublime
A divine desire lurks, flows into veins
Hold me deep within you
Let us soar high
Sing fervent rhapsodies
And reach the crescendo
being alive in the flow ..
©® Gayatree G Lahon


My heart fills with joy
When I hear you
calling me 'Jasmine '.. !
Its like discovering my buried self

You make me spellbound
with your enchanting words..
How you a create a realm of magic
with your diction !
Life sometimes becomes a fiction for me

Like a sweet breeze you came
into my life
mingled with my breathes
just as lyrics mingle with melody

I am far away..distant from you
but still I feel
the touch of your magic wand..
Slow down !
don't love me this maddy way
Like the jasmine dropping all night
I too may get scattered

I may be lost in you
I don't know where , if I am lost
Do I find my lost self again..?

In love one is not lost
It is like a new discovery
I am oblivious of my pain
Losing myself in your Jasmine fancy...
Gayatree G Lahon
copyright reserved


At night when sleep befalls
On close eyelids
Earth , drapped in a dark curtain ,
Immerses in profound silence
In the vast yard of the sky
Stars play hide and seek
The moon blushes
kissing the fleecy clouds
The azure sky sits relaxed
Smiles at the merriment

Beguiled by the night sky
My passions awake
After being silent whole day
Dragging life's routine
The moon with its silvery rays
Blows up my frigid emotions

The serene night makes my spirit
Loud and supple..
Transforms me to a volatile river
Flowing ecstatically
Enjoying the sweet music
of the fragrant humming air
Waves of the river resound my smiles
Curves sing sagas of love

In the heart of the river
The night germinates a fancy
A yearning to reach the sea..
The destined goal of every river
The destination of love
To mingle and merge with each other

As the night goes deeper
The river grows more thirsty
Gets frenzied to meet the sea
Because it knows
The sea owns the soul and body of a river

All rights reserved

GAYATREE G LAHON is from Assam , India. She is a teacher by profession and a poet by passion. Being an ardent lover of life and nature, she is a true aesthetic and her poems reflect those elements in a subtle way which enchants the readers. Poetry is a celebration of life , she says. Her poems have been published in various national and international anthologies and  magazines. Confirmation : I hereby declare that the three poems are my original writings not translations of any other works,  nor published anywhere else. I give permission to OPA to publish my poems .

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