Friday, December 1, 2017




No man is not in love in this world
As long as desire covers one's image
That brings man in heaven though it is for a while
Since life is full of fantastic

Let the life be in loveliness
Is like the pearl in heart to be peaceful
That loveliness is the precious gift in life
Since God gives grace up to die

Keep loveliness in lives
So as to gain paradise though the lives seems like a rainbow
That never hurt one's feeling to achieved
If loveliness be purified from heart toheart

Let the life be in loveliness
As long as this world is wide to laugh and smile
It might become seeds of flower at the banks of heart
Where all night and days be remembered still

No life without loveliness seems to be
Is like a night without stars with no lighting
There will be no sparkling to give brightening
Feeling life to be a cave with there is no candles enlightened

Loveliness in lives is a golden gift
That should be thanked to Almighty
Which is never changed to be from one toanother
It might be a glory of Lord to keep in heart from now and then
sm/13/10/2017,copyright Suka • Balas • Baru saja


No body hates his life as he is a flower of his country
Who grows in the spring of a garden of paradise
As long as he says this world is full of love
Except when his breath is not running as waterfall

I love thy life as what the lyric draws to state
Though it is like a bubble to be chased
Everywhere i live,i love thy life,for not throwing in the dustbin
For i appreciate all days and nights that sparkling the light

Which brings a fortune from the beginning up to the hill
It is a must,,,it is a must, not regarding as useless thing
Might be brought into a heaven if love is for living
That's a message for loving thy love

Let sea be dried to be a deserted land
Thy love is kept in mind for the sake of running life from the beginning up to the end
That love is like a perfume of life
Its smell sprays to every corner of lives

That might be remembered always
Which will not be useless as rubbish, i might think
I keep to love thy life as long as this world is mine
I keep to love thy life as long as this world is mine


It will be precious if one loves himself
Instead of looking at one's weaker side
And it is not brightening to run the lives
Mean while,the life is just for a while
Let one loves his life but not loftily

Despite of loving your life loftily
Better you had count the blessing of God you prayed
If not,the sun will not give its shining
For this world will be dull and no function

Let yourself be as like violet to give a fresh
Instead of making yourself boasting
Whereas people will hate
That the life seems like the cave
No candle to give lighting
For all all beings are disappointed to see

Though it is in the dark but not spoil
Which can be seen clearly but not to touch
In the mean time,it will be growing
If the boasting of lives is put off away

Since this againts humanity
And not to unite one with another
Supposed your life is loftily
While this world will not be smiling to gaze
Since the flower you gain will be dying before blooming


Who says that never i come to love
For you are my world to love
That be inseparable from thy life
As long as this world will not become to be the dust

Whatever occurs in thy life
Never i break my promise for the love
Since you are a part of thy blood
And you are the fuel of thy heart

I am the love,you are my world
And your love has brought a change of thy life
Since you are the flower of thy heart
Which is so hard to leave ,so hard to leave

You are really the violet in the lives
Though i go away for so far
Never the love you kept be missed
For it is hard to change

And let the sea be dried,my dear
Never i can put off my love since you are the pearl
That i found at the bottom of the sea
And pick it up till to die

Only your love and my are in the world
Except ,,,,,except,,,,,except,,,,and no one except
Believe me for saying so
That looks like a golden promise be kept well in mind


SIAMIR MARULAFAU was born in Nias,North Sumatra-Indonesia,17-05-1958.He was graduated from English and Literature Department,Faculty of Cultural Sciences,University of North Sumatra,Medan-Indonesia.He is now still teaching English and Literature,and writing poems and short stories.His works were mostly published in social medias such "HUMANITY"(2015);"LIGHTING'(2016),and some other works or poems   in Indonesian language and English.

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