Friday, December 1, 2017




The day stands on the same
bones of anxieties
and inertia. The same chirps,
that may be a song, or a howl of
a sedimented pain;
and many pieces of same sun
dancing outside my green blinds,
that for some reason
keep reminding  of
death or a muted orgasm.

And the same sonic apocalypse
of assault rifles
blacking the rainbow
of my neon infinity.
We live the same day everyday,
just clothed in different
colors of psychosis and rapture.

The buddhahood of one,
is somebody else's delirium and high.


The hydraulic love, tangled in tango;
turbulent and fractal
reaches out to kiss you with its
limbs of liquid dunes. I think it

was Heraclitus who said you can't
step in the same river twice. And Osho
who said you can't step in the same
river, even once.

I see no river to step in,
only a becoming that never sleeps.


When the day is body of Buddha,
sky becomes soul of sea. I slowly paint
your cargo of reds and let it float.

You have found me there, and
my packets of swelling anxieties.
The calm of infinite coordinates,
beyond and beneath.

You smile at me without your eyes,
the hadron collider of deathless
hopes. The rapture ruptures me.

I refuse to kiss the moon, to let you
safely sail on my skin,
while i will remain an unplumbed dark.

The water is sweetened to tame
the turbulence. I will guide the wind,
to let us be the singular blue.


SUDEEP ADHIKARI is a structural engineer/Lecturer  from Kathmandu, Nepal.   His recent publications were with  Beatnik Cowboys, Zombie Logic Review, The Bees Are Dead, Silver Birch Press and Eunoia Review. His poetry volume, "The Art of Changing Nothing to Punk Gigs" was released by Alien Buddha Press in July, 2017.

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  1. Dear Poet Sudeep Adhikari. If I had to pick a favorite poem here, it would be hard. Yet I love the Poem, "Deep Blue Dreamscape" Can be interpreted so many ways. A Painter of deep anxieties, a lover of sitting by the water, as if you could direct the wind, to blow the love yearnings close to you. As one. You are an amazing Poet ! Loved all Three !!!!