Friday, December 1, 2017




With the girl I loved most in life
I walked in street lamps glow
Could she hear my heart calling
for the love I never show

Treading lightly along beside
her footprints marked the snow
The warmth of heart I felt for her
I doubt she will ever know

With the girl I loved most in life
I walked in street lamps glow
Oh if I could stop Earth turning
then she might never go
© 2008 Tate Morgan


I dreamed three words within my mind
that longed to touch her heart
Each a third of the love
I had felt for her from the start

I'd hid these words I'd treasured so
praying they would only heed
But needing love they wanted out
to touch the soul they'd freed

So now at last I let them fly
as all would freely do
That she might know the first be I
the others Love and You
© 2009 Tate Morgan


Though now the clouds roll over me
as the west winds have blown
I find I long for distant plains
endless skies I have known

But what to me was east and west
and lure of many lands
could never replace the green grass
with tepid heated sands

For here was where I set my roots
bright summers in the glen
A-wash in colors of the fall
your heart shines now as then
© 2014 Tate Morgan


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