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Poetical Moments

Do we really know when does appear the unique poetical moment? Are we sure that all the poems are actually the manifestation of that peerless poetical moment? Don’t we know that most of the poems are actually the outcome of editorial compulsions? If one asks any individual poet, I believe the answers would certainly be different. One can always ask, whether this poetical moment is actually a rare phenomenon or a common one. Those who are prolific writers, do they actually live in a constant flux of poetical moment? Otherwise how can one produce volumes of poetical creations years together?  Every moment is actually the manifestation of instantaneous time span. So I ponder whether these unique poetical moments do appear constantly in the creative mind of the great poets.

It seems that these unique poetical moments occur more often in those poets whose sensitivities are too deep and widely spread. It is only so that the poetical creations of these poets move their readers with great vigor. And we the readers follow those poets so eagerly. I do believe this is the foundation of their superiority. Yes those rare poetical moments of which we are discussing, are really peerless, which have seas of sensitivities of great poetical minds in the background. And without these sensitivities I don’t think poetical miracle is possible. And here is the difference between the great poets and the common poets. We come to this truth only when we realize world literature in its true sense.

Suppose all the great poets have been offered to discuss the actual stories of those poetical moments of their famous creations. They have to narrate the innermost feelings of any particular moment of which their famous poems have been written down. Those poems which kept us bemused down memory lane. Those poems that had been rediscovered again and again by different eras, according to their own values; the poems that reveal universal truths; the poems that had reformed the literary cultures of the upcoming times; suppose if it was possible to know the true stories behind those famous poems!  Besides those originals poems! Can we imagine the experiences?

Might be that most of us would have been taken aback. If the real truth would emerge out of the blue, I fear, most of us would find it really embarrassing to know the innermost secret after comparing it with one’s own interpretations. Again to many readers, it would have been a great opportunity to get poet’s own story about the poem itself. Yet many critics would certainly raise an argument that this may confine the literary strength of the poem itself. The inherent power of poetry lies in its multi various dimensions of different interpretations among its readers. Even the different literary eras may differ in their literary interpretation of the same poetry. Now if the readers depend on the poet’s story then the poem will remain standstill and lose its progression among time and space. Different readers and different eras would react in the same manner which would eventually kill the splendor and mysticism of the original poetry. Then how can a reader take shelter in his or her beloved poems when all the mysteries are lost?

Actually if everything is get discovered there wouldn’t be any space to fathom farther. So also with the poetry, if we see the curtain raised reveling the actual stories of the poetical moments then all the enigma associated with the poem would certainly evaporate into thin air. Yes, there will be the end of the poem.  Many readers and critics may agree with these arguments. But if this is the real case, then it will be real calamity for the lover of poetry. Only for the literary researchers this may open up new dimensions for their works. The deep inherent chemistry between the poets and their poetry may reveal new truths, which may be real blessings for literary researchers.

Yes this may be the reactions of readers of poetry. That may still differ from person to person, which is quite natural. Now let’s try to understand how these amazing poetical moments actually occur. That creates some deep impacts in poets’ consciousness. A poet is a good translator of these deep impacts through his words and phrases. Already it has been discussed earlier that these poetical moments vastly depends on the magnitude and the depth of poet’s sensitivities. It may differ from poet to poet still it is important how a poet actually interprets his time and space, how he or she interacts with his or her surroundings through personal emotions and intuitions. How best one can recreate the innermost feelings into the canvas of personal wisdom? These poetical moments when germinate through poet’s experience of life and cultivate through poet’s wisdom of time and space can only be enriched in universal and eternal truth. And that is the time frame when a great poem actually emerges. The readers can find shelter and take rest in that poem. The poem that can extends human values among its audience in the literary horizons year after year; the poem that will bear the poet’s signature in the literary fraternities of world literature is the true significance of the poetical moment of any poetry.

It hardly matters, that we try to discover those poetical moments or not. Even it hardly matters for the world literature also. Even for the poet himself or herself it matters little because already that poetical creation has become complete that will tune up the eternal truth in universal time and space which will remain as the light house for the readers of world literature for years together. The poet’s word will then carry the flag of the civilization in its literary beauty.

Yes, we in our limited capacity do try to nurture that poetical moments in this monthly web journal. This month we are presenting near about three hundreds of romantic poems of eighty poets from all over the world. We are really overwhelmed to get the response from our poets to make this Romantic Poetry Special Edition an authoritative one.

Our Poetry Archive is pleased to introduce poet Scott Thomas Outlar as the Poet of The Month. We hope our readers will enjoy his interview. Those who would like to participate in our upcoming editions, please send three poems and a profile picture, a short Bio written only in 3rd person narrative along with the explicit confirmation of author’s permission for publication of the copyrighted materials in Our Poetry Archive well before the 20th of every month. Please specify, in the subject line of your email, which edition you are submitting to, to avoid any confusion, and to assure your poems are published in the correct edition. Those who are submitting to any Special Edition, please state your country of origin, mother language, nationality, and where you reside. Thank you! Our Poetry Archive’s email address is:

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  1. Gratitude to Our Poetry Archive for this pleasant present 😊

  2. great editorial.poetry is inner expression of a creative passionate mind.god bless the poets.

  3. great editorial.poetry is inner expression of a creative passionate mind.god bless the poets