Friday, December 1, 2017




Ah, My Beloved!
Selfless is my love for you
Just as the entities of nature do,
Do trust my love for you, though
Of its sensuous intensity you have no clue.
Ah, My Dearest!
Through the slopes and straights
Almighty has inscribed in your fate,
I shall accompany you steadfastly
Enabling our shimmering love glow, radiantly.
Ah, My Sweetheart!
I worship you in my heart's temple
Caressing with endearments ample,
Do trust my love for you, my dear
For my heart shall behold you forever.
Ah, My Companion!
Hand in hand let us walk past the storm
Exemplifying togetherness in its crude form,
May no differences of minds ever tear us apart
For this eternal love is a symphonic melody of our soulful hearts.
Ah, My Flamboyant Lover!
Carry me away from this cacophony
Into an island emanating harmony,
Do trust my love for you, my prince
Your princess shall love you amidst crowds and in loneliness.
© Bhagyashree Mishra
All rights reserved. 07/09/17


Golden streaks of luminous horizon
emblazoned the natural ambience,
as fluvial mirror beheld the dawn.
Rustling leaves crawled on the base
watery meanders kissed the earth,
as we settled on bench with grace.
Nestling cheeks upon your shoulder
our fatigued arms interlaced in love,
as we smiled at chirping creatures.
Skating down your weary arms
my ears kissed your pounding heart,
where I dwelt capsuled from storms.
Romantic breeze of the seaside
then cradled us to and fro in its swing,
as crests and troughs of the tide.
Life's calendar had just few days
which presented us a last chance,
to reminisce the golden nostalgic phase.

Though our bodies have decayed
bones turned into powdered ashes,
Immortal is the love we weaved.
Our souls perch on the wooden slice
to see rays of vermilion climb up,
to decor the sky on heavenly dias.
© Bhagyashree Mishra
All rights reserved. 27/06/17


I hug you in my dreams
Like the fallen autumn leaves of a maple
tree rustle on soil to whisper harmony,
You wander on the red velvety carpet of my heart
gracefully swaying at its soulful symphony.

Like the sun nestles on the
hospitable horizon at every dawn,
You can choose to appear and embrace me
in your masculine arms on this grassy lawn.

Know this, Ah! My Beloved,
Our voyage wouldn't have
sailed till infinity with another,
Now that I am all yours, let us
walk together in love a bit further.

My words long to narrate
tales our love so deep,
From now till forever
you are mine to keep.

My eyes sparkle as the
radiant diamond jewelries,
Oft when my beats recite –
"Our treasured moments then, now are memories".

Feel these enigmatic faster
pulsations someday with your hands,
The feeling that revitalizes me along tedious miles
when on my mind, your hypnotizing love lands.

Restless soul pleads and awaits
for our propinquity, breathlessly,
You run and strive hard to
safeguard our borders, vigilantly.

Wander off from numbing glaciers
ofSiachen to prickly heat in the Thar,
Though I wont hold you back for my selfish gains
yet cannot stop loving you from this far.

I hug you in my dreams
where we meet in the tranquil black,
Whenever your absence creeps in
The love we share gleams up my life’s stack.

All rights reserved. 31/10/17

BHAGYASHREE MISHRA (Software Engineer at Wipro) is a poetess, short story writer hailing from Koraput, Odisha. She has won trophies in several extempore, debate and elocution competitions. She is the Winner of District Level ENVIRONMENT-CUM-MINERAL AWARENESS PROGRAM conducted  by NALCO and Society of Geoscientists and Allied Technologists (SGAT)at Panchpatmali Bauxite Mines, Damanjodi, 2008. She was a participant of THE NATIONAL CREATIVITY OLYMPIAD conducted by THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS at Jamshedpur, 2010. She has  an article named “SUCCESS-AN EPITOME OF CALIBRE ARTICULATED” published in her college magazine(THE NISTIAN). Some of her literary works will soon be part be of several international anthologies. She is also a contributor to Oops volume-1, which is a collection of short stories from authors across the globe. Though a budding poetess and short story writer, yet she puts her soul into her works. In her works soulful romance, social concerns, love for nature and patriotism are portrayed lucidly. She has cleared the ESOL Examination conducted by Cambridge University. Her quest is to widen the spectrum of her knowledge paving a path to advancement in her literary career

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  1. Dear Bhagyashree, Your poems resound in great passion. I congratulate you, and very impressed with your accomplishments in the literary world ! I know your future holds great things!