Friday, December 1, 2017




What cord is there which ties to him ?
Which chain is there that does bind ?
The answers to many such questions,
I never, ever seem to find.

The more I try to forget him,
The more he haunts me;
My yearning gnaws at my soul,
Surreptiously and stealthily.

Love is not an emotion,
Which can be switched off easily;
The roots of intimacy seem to
Grow and spread deeply.

I hate to say ‘goodbye’
I hate to say ‘I quit’;
His thoughts slowly and insidiously,
Break my heart bit by bit.


Why do you keep holding me back,
When you know, I have to go;
The stars have vanished, down has appeared,
With its oranges, crimson glow.

The night passed in the blink of the eye,
Still so much left to say-
Don’t look at me with a woebegone face,
Imploring me to stay.

We loved each other passionately,
Till the last moments of the night;
It never was enough, it never is enough,
Says the glint in your emerald eyes.

Your demanding kiss, your sensuous touch’
Mean so much to me;
I hate to go, yet have to go,
With a heart heavy and lonely.

I long to stay, but cannot do so,
There’s a storm raging in the heart;
This painful love bereavement,
Is tearing my heart apart.

Reassure that you love and care,
And hold me close to you;
I will never find another you,
If I search the whole world through.


I think I heard him call my name,
From beyond the galaxy;
It echoed till it merged into silence,
Overwhelming me with ecstasy.

Behind the cloud of nebula, he stood,
Playing a cosmic melody;
Laughter danced gaily on his lips,
As he gazed at me tenderly.

His romantic and soulful poetry,
Entered my mind’s window;
His painter’s colours pierced my heart
And painted a splendorous rainbow.

The wavelengths of his ethereal thoughts
Caressed my inner being;
His molten passion aroused in me,
Dormant desires and feelings.

I beheld in dreams his beautiful mind,
Cloaked in cosmic dust;
Were we soulmates in other lifetimes,
In the near or distant past ?

Separated by billions of light years,
We loved without reason or rhyme;
We belonged to each other, from the beginning
Since the inception of time.

He was truly the love of my life,
Nothing else seemed to matter;
Our loving hearts were bound forever,
Both here and hereafter.


Can you hear my love whisperings,
Which I whisper in your ear ?
I long to say that I love you;
Wherever you are, far or near.

You say that you care for me,
I see that in your smiles-
The bond that binds grows stronger,
Though we are apart by miles.

You caress me by your thoughts beauty
Kiss me by your written words;
We touch common grounds in many ways,
Albeit in different worlds.

The outpourings of my feelings,
I have never learnt to control;
My home is in the depth of your eyes
My haven is in your soul.


Minutes, hours, days pass, the waiting seems like years-
Does he hear her unspoken words, see her silent tears ?
Impatiently she waits, for the green light to blink and start,
The endless waiting, seems to tear, her poor heart apart.

Can he feel her soul’s torment, the anguish, the pain ?
Does he actually care for her or does he merely feign ?
She wonders what goes on, in the inside of his head,
Does he think of her at night, as he tosses in his bed ?

Why does she crave for him, for his undivided attention ?
Why do their conversations give her great satisfaction ?
Does he embrace and caress her, in his imagination ?
Is she his dreamgirl, his beloved, his fantastic fascination?


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