Friday, December 1, 2017




My night anchors in your
My zodiac wishes to rest there,
Now, and for years to come.

Your enigmatic smile in moonlight
Is a prophase of Mars, not far from my dawning Sun
You are all - my going, gone and yet to come.

You sew my night tightly with your thread
Behold me in my tinsel and chiffon  blue
Each fibre looping you to me - into, beyond and through.

Your charm pulls me up as steam from the arch
Like rat behind Pied Piper behind you I march
Your breath explodes all shades of blue,
Stars shine but dwindle between me and you.

From the shadows you whisper my name
Wake me up, but your voice is lost
Was it an act of omission my love?
Or you and the sensuous night both dissipated
In deathly mystique silence !

The wind on the window hushes
Nesting sleep beneath its
The night sings me a song...


You know not what pain I hide in words
A world hides in a blob!
I always wanted to say oceans
But ended up saying a drop
Judged by a shell that I fake in smiles
I had a story to tell all the while
In the yolk of truth embodied in tears.
Walking through the crisscrosses of destiny for miles
Through the night's susceptible hours I search
With my tongue for some words
reminiscing You,
One that doesn't insist on your Oneness,               Which I doubt, still exists in me very much.
Will you care to listen to the unsaid?
Might find featuring somewhere in a shade
In all those things I wanted to, but couldn't say
In my reflection find yourself in a colourful recollection .


My mind is my anchor,
Keeps me steady as a rock,
Always keeping me safe from the raging emotions,
From the anxieties that toss me around;
Often would whisper and say
"Everything will be okay
Just stay calm".

But vulnerable heart gives me away
Always bringing memories  back
In surprises takes me aback
Breaking every time you appear!
Making me go numb, and I fear
Once more, I'll not able to close
that emotional door, once I chose
To keep open uncontrollably filling
You in all emptiness and dwellings.

Slowly I make way
For heart beats to melt
and flow as million words
that escape and take shape
in written, and unwritten messages
Though never to reach
but in its existence
embrace you in each
lucid composition
My mind knows, in you lives the real me
So sets me free verses.


NANDITA SAMANTA is a multilingual poet, an author, a reviewer, an artist and a dancer. Her poetry collection 'Scattered Moments' and three of her short stories have been published. Her writings feature in different international and national anthologies, magazines, journals, newspapers and webzines and have also been translated in other languages. Her artworks have been displayed, appreciated and sold at various events and exhibitions.

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