Friday, December 1, 2017




When love is coming out of its borders
Her Ariel would not resist and love her
Expressing his heart more physically
Than words could ever portray
Sometimes silly Nymph would fill
Her over troubled mind with trash
Failing to see an ocean of oozing love
Rising and falling for her, just to
Mingle into her completely
Ariel’s handsomeness lies again
In making his Nymph happy on earth
Forgetting for a fraction of second about his lava of love
And tearing his tempestuous feeling
Unnecessary but natural disturbances
Did encroach Nymph’s heart
Later she finds herself standing
Near the love witness box
Wrapping from top to toe
In an attire of aching apology
Urging Love God to punish her severely
By un- noticing that hour of ecstasy
And by hurting her Ariel unknowingly
Nymph is so un-artificial in being
Becomes innocent culprit in caring less
Repentful too in losing royal moments
Even though her sole self pines for
Her Ariel including every cell, every pore...


On a hillside
Rested a guest chocolataire bar
Whose land lady was no queen
Neither was she a simple soul
Definitely a rare blend of
Earth and divine- An Earthine
She made majestic chocolate items
Luring kids, teens and oldies
A grey-eyed lad of sixteen
Used to cross that chocolate house
His all time favourite sweetmeats
Rather his heart’s desired delicacies
His dropping in off and on, amazing at
Various magic moulds of mind-blowing chocolates
Purchasing them with pure passion
And craving his taste buds for more
Four years passed by
His teens entered his adulthood
Now his life that earlier
Used to encircle his doting mother
Became a home bird uncared
His deeds underwent a change
His only care clouded crazily
Around his craved chocolataire
With crisp strength he entered
Proposing his lady on knees
She offered her all to him
Now he was an equal possessor
Of all magic intoxications
But did never take it for granted
His supreme attribute made him
Ask every time-
“May I have one chocolate heart?”
“May I have honeyed chocolate taste?”
Astounding his lady
To love him all the more
His asking kept on booming
Her offering too kept on rocketing
And love aired the chocolataire completely


The way you feel for me
I want to reciprocate back in abundant
Much more than you do
Want to give you love spree

Want to crush you in my love mash
Leaving not an inch of you
You also go wildly wet
In this spell-bound splash

Pining purely for your passion heights
Where you and I are flying
Without any bar or check
Enjoying easily full flights

In you live and breathe my world
And not any sight can lure me now
This poetry’s juicy journey is going toward you
You’re my poetic destination,
Amorously pearled!


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