Friday, December 1, 2017




No blue except the color of the sea in your eyes  ;
She used to tell me    …..     :
Whenever the night lights my fingers  .
I put a blond star on your lips  ,
so the shadow grows up overtly
Storms from my perfume  .
She used to tell me    …..     :
Your eyes are the way to the lusted sin  ;
opening the doors of eternities to me  ,
until the cloud takes shower on my tresses   .
Draws on the branches of wind a moon from my waiting femininity  ;
and arched lips like a mystic rose from the rain horses   .
he used to tell me    ….    :
I’ m your female  ….  I still love you in spite of
the confusion of elements inside me  .
Take whatever you like from my blood   ;
I’m now a cloud and you became a prophet   .
I’m your female  ……   wet with obedience , prostrate between your
letters  .
So don’t approach my colors  ,
this is my waist , your eternal bar  .
In order that love picks the more beauty of my names  .
Your female  ….  I’m   ,
desire of devil , east perfume is my waist .
So don’t leave my happiness   .
We are still on the poem stature ,
Sharing love and absence .
She used to tell me  ….   :
Flying like love , coming to my cities  ,
Wearing the clay , wearing the losses  .
You‘re oppressive   ;
Wielding your night to the face of a song  ;
And you cry lonely in the waiting  .
I will rain elegant drizzles on your lips  .
Indeed , we are a mixture of mud and dreams  .
Don’t enter my night lonely , and don’t recommend the darkness  .
I’m still hanging the lights in the mud  .
No blue only the love color in your eyes   ..


The dream that overlies your voice,
Was the last bunch, when the moon was not able to scream
Just before the morning;
we see from there     ……
A coming light from the upper distance;
comes out from the throat of a patient star,
The winged sky drinks its noise from the cups of rain.
It put out the star lamps, to let the galaxy sleep.
But despite the reflection of colors, the cloud still dangled;
It took off its shoes in a spray flavor full with silence   …
it knew very well that there is no form in the sky  ;
but , the sun fingers hung on nipples dripping with poetry  ,
and the stars are sleeping    …


On this poem   ;
I will take a far place from all the words  .
Just that you will be the most beautiful female ;
and I plant your fingers in all languages  .


FETHI SASSI: Poet  and Translator. He was born on the 1st of June 1962 in Nabul  ( Tunisia ) . He is a writer of prose poetry and short poems and haiku  ; translator of all his poems to English . A member in the Tunisian Writers' Union ; and in the Literature club at the cultural center of Sousse . His first book entitled "A Seed of Love" was published in 2010. Second  ) I dream …. and I sign on birds the last words ) in 2013 . The third book of poetry  " A sky for a strange bird “ in Egypt in 2016. The Forth published in Egypt in march 2017(As lonely rose a chair. His first translated and published book in Canada  2017  ( and you are the entire poem ) Under print a translated French book in France for the third ArabicBook ( Ciel d’un oiseau étranger ) .

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