Monday, March 1, 2021





My Dear Friend


I watched her in that rocking chair.

She doesn’t want to be disturbed.

She lived her life. she’s comfortable,

being alone.

At times she will burst out crying.

She screams to the top of her voice.


She suffered in pain. Her voice

croaked due to the pressure,

of many screams.

She’s lonely, sad and frustrated.

The nightmare of past love affairs,

seems to torture her mindset

and turn it into a miserable play field arena.

At night, she’s unsettled as her emotions

take control and feed on her sorrowful apologies.

The lights are off, and darkness surrounds her.

I can’t help her, she wants to be alone.

I will not speak. I will just listen.

Her mind is too weak to think.

She prefers solitude, with just nothing.

The emptiness is so deep,

that she suffers in silence.

I looked at her, she looked at me.

I saw the depths of her soul.

Dark, bruised and burnt.

Deep scars that is raw

And struggles that are untold.



A Broken Love


A broken love, that left my heart aching.

Alone and desperate as if wanting a second chance.

No reasons was given, just separation.

Moments before this tragedy

Laughter and Love filled our space.

Entwined together, one mind, two hearts beating.

A love that's hard to find.

But then things changed. I sang a sad song,

of love lost, hurt and loneliness.

I hear the strings of violins and other

musical instruments in my head.

Which reminds me of our late-night dances.

But now it’s noisy symbols of

confusion and desperation.

Where did I go wrong?

Alone in my bed. I squeezed the pillow tight,

longing for compassion.

Alone in the dark, the mind wanders into space,

triggering emotions, that sends you

on a wild goose chase,

that leads to nowhere.

As the tears fall on my pillow.

The darkness seems to remember me,

and made me aware of my guilt.

My mind is made up.

I pulled the covers over my face.

Whatever will be will be.

Suffocating my pains to eternity.



After The Noise


I remembered it just like yesterday. Students hurried to class,

study buddies, friends enjoyed lunch together and common hour.

But it’s gone, alone, no more crowds, no more life, just silence.

I walked the lonely path, throughout the school halls.

The walls begged for some comfort of a friend to lean on.

The whispers of the wind pass through, as if trying

to be known and get acquainted again.

Alone and between walls like a prisoner

in solitary confinement.

The echoes of my footsteps, triggers the emptiness

as it hungers and thirst for action.

Alone, that I can walk outside this building and be

at one with nature.

Clear my mind, think, breathe and smell the fresh air.

I felt peace, joy, and contentment.

Instead of being surrounded by buildings and walls,

that seemed to enclosed upon me and

gravitate towards my presence.

But it’s good, me, myself and I enjoying my company.

Enjoying what makes me free.

And opening my eyes so wide to see….




LISELLE POWDER was born in the small Caribbean island of Trinidad. Born to Edwina Warner (deceased)and Bindley Powder, she is the last of six siblings. She is divorced and a mother of two daughters and a granddaughter. Having migrated to the US in 2014, she decided to write poetry about her experiences coming to America. She met with Edna White an Author, and the rest was history. Liselle has written in Edna’s book “No Sweet Meat Tell Me The Truth” and contribute to the school newspaper where she works, she also writes in Ms. Edna’s Magazine called “SPEAK MAGAZINE.” and wrote her first short story titled “Teenage Mon” and her poetry book titled “Still Overcoming”. With her continuous writing, she was entered in an Anthology for the month of June 2020. Liselle was also selected in another Anthology in November 2020. Liselle is also an artist and has also sold some of her work. Liselle hope one day to have her first Art Show in the near future. Liselle has come a long way and she strives to be the best of top poets and artist the world is yet to see.

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