Monday, November 1, 2021





It’s Dark


It`s dark – it`s impenetrably black night

So many dark nights I came across

Intermittently hyped on glossy nights

Tormented self in nights if no sleep comes

Definitely those happen to be distressed nights;

Sometimes in my servile moment I imagine

As if meandering at night through dark wood

Twinkling stars under canopy of passing cloud

Wolves howling – wind shrieking pitched aloud:

As of now, night never been so deep dark

Villains all let loose moving like hungry shark

Wolverine attitudes for blood sucking pleasure

Anomalous values in humanity, malice everywhere –

Hope for first light when and if the night erased

Illuminated soul for new Dawn only warranted.



A Death


Countless human torsos on move over the new built highway

Only heads visible holding baggages leaving for home away-

No pilgrimage but exodus of helpless migrant populace

Thrown out from livelihood due to fear of deadly virus:

Amidst the crowd, a girl in her teen also in the walking

Once upon landed in the big city, assumed a job earning

Forced to leave distant home where livings mean poverty

Getting two-time meals daily – nothing less than absurdity

A very common story prevailing in the rural hinterland

Male female children en masse arriving city as errand –

As fallout of pandemic - jobs shelter livelihood all lost

Unending flow of migrants move village bound any cost;

Ignoring scorching daytime heat sweat tenacious trail

A teenager withstanding arduous hardships on body frail-

When her village few miles away exhausted, she collapsed

Eventually reached her home - but brought body dead.

It`s real life story but may be traced across land anywhere

Like collateral to pandemic missed headline news cover.



An Offer


You offer bouquet of roses on valentine`s day

You boost your ego so may I feel as if to say

You sub coerced me for intimacy with Racist

Subdued my protest as executed by Fascist

Picked adolescent myself from shelter home custody

After lust satisfied dumped my molested bruised body

You conspired to kill my agitated aggrieved father

On his final journey myself be one of pole bearer

Once you find me with group of protesting farmer

Unnerved yourself tag me a seditious offender

Proud of heritage –nasty you people disrobed Draupadi

Shamelessly asked Satyakam   of his father`s identity

Suddenly you glorify endowing appreciative phrasery

No more play dubious but recognize universal feminity.



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