Wednesday, November 1, 2023



Unlocking The Rivers


I counting the days until August.

I dispel drought and wind,

Leeches and moles,

Insects on the way to the mountains,

Landscape of the seasons is uprooted tree,



Motionless sky, dry land

Like an abandoned house, spring thought-tranquility

A kiss in the grass, one day0one summer.

My homeless love knows how to leave me in my sleep.

Every time I wake up I see your face reflected in the water,

In a drop

A lake land for which the snake doesn’t know about.

I will not become a ground!




I counting the days in August.




I stop into the day

And the world

In front of my eyes

Turns into

A secret.


I pretend that nothing happened.


Yellow River


We live in a strange time

Me, you and this little love of ours,

A time of silence.

And where is the happiness?

Who knows her?

The house remains empty,

And insecurity wants to enter.

You are a grain of dust from the day,

I am a footprint from the night.

I am a yellow river.

There is nothing in this world

As strong as the truth and

Nothing in this world

It’s not hard as loneliness.

Your voice says something else today.

A different time is coming, a strange time.

Some things look different today.

Some new birds are fluing.




GORDANA KARAKASHEVSKA was born in 1973. She is a poet, storyteller, essayist and translator from English and Italian. Her poems have been published in more than fifty world languages. She is a participant in numerous events and international poetry festivals. She has published the books of poems: A Broken Poet and Other Poems, House of Paper and the way of Water; the book of short stories: Signor Giordano and... and the novella Undressing. For OPA, she presents herself with 3 poems from the latest collection of poems The Way of Water, which came out in May 2023 with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia.


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