Wednesday, November 1, 2023



A Setting Vision


He is seen in the horizon

Climbing the steps of clouds

While time eventuates the night,

And the world gets up at once

Leaving the darling hearts behind

Wrapped bed sheets

And walks majestically over

The dales and the mountains,

Cities and the streets.


He facilitates for a smooth union of streams

With the sea in the down stream

Lies stretched on the fields

Drenched in the morning fog and the dews,

And sets out in the evening

Sinking beneath a crimson ring

Allowing my chariot and the horse to rest

Till a next start and a new journey.


The mighty maker of course fails

To either repeat or to bring back his past goes

Beyond the customary rules set by an omnipotent power

And followed by all his men.


A Reeling Night


When the night reels in silence,

The love-birds feel restless

In a vertex of impenetrable haze.


Their grieving hearts

Keep on whispering to each other

The secrets of spasmodic pain of

Undefined separation,

And strive to chase an answer

As to how long would they await a

A dream of creating a dignified future

Despite probable obliteration


Sky looks sad and wet as if lost in flooded love

And tears roll down in coherence with a torrential rain

Where unpleasant sensation is shrouded

By rolling tears for gaining over all possible excruciation.


Beyond all

A hope pullulates by-passing the disastrous heart-break

To look forward to a winning court

In the ensuing morning with a renewed fate.


And above all

My compassionately shrinking heart

Start palpitating and my palms sweated

While I await the shining dawn with much excitement

To witness a celestial extravaganza

That would cause and ensure

Union of souls separated.


The Disappearing Dew


The past

Vanishes like the morning dew,

And eyes get wet with tears for

memories that felt good.


The sorrows and the joy,

In an infinite domain of light and shade

illuminate our short sojourn

Under an unyielding firmness in cold coherence.   


The mourners in their turn

Mourn adequately confirming their

bolted sympathy

Life slips in to a saddened graveyard

That sleeps underneath a grove

Murmurs in melancholy

With the passing of the spring wind.


The grave synchronizes

The poor and the rich, the kings and

his subjects

The Leaders and his followers

The Saints and the sages

Irrespective of cast, color and creed

And trap them alike as the witnesses

of time.


Their ruptured trials to attain


Teach the descendants to live a life

Without of fear and pain 

During the sojourn in this mortal



Crashed Dreams


When fears get banished

Passion reaches its boiling point

Bypassing the timidity of mind and soul.


Erotic thoughts erratically move around

And get protruded over the head,

Impressing the neighbourhood

As if flowing smoothly in a calm stream,

In a form of romantic verse that cascades.


Every drop of the flow

Creates a new poem on the sediments of lives,

Whose reverberation sings 

The glory of building and crashing of dreams.


Of course

The graceful pages of life are reiterated,

While words play hide and seek

Between light and shade 

Above all

The language of peace and tranquility

And love and fraternity get rewritten

With broken emotions and sunken humility.


A fearless mind thus forms the outlines

Of manhood

And burns self in the fire-pots of jealousy

and ego

To make life impossibly beautiful,

And painfully wonderful




RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA: Born in Odisha in India has received her master’s degree in ' History ‘and 'Journalism and Mass Communication' from Utkal University, Odisha. She is a teacher by profession. Being a post graduate in ' Environmental Education and Industrial Waste Management ' from Sambalpur University Odisha, she has devoted herself as a Social Activist for the cause of social justice, Environmental issues and human rights in remote areas through non-governmental organisations. Poetry, Painting and Journalism are her passions.

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