Wednesday, November 1, 2023






Come on

It’s after midnight

Give me sweet, bitter, or dry

All the wine that you have

Play with me in the dark

Play with me fire

Do not worry

My head is not here

My heart is asleep

I am yours for good

And for bad

Put a mask on my face

Tie my eyes

Take my hands, my lips

My night

Let’s forget the loneliness

The pain

Let’s erase the tears

from the words

And play.

© Shulamit Sapir – Nevo


In My Summerfield


In my Summerfield

The first squill


In the soft light,

And with it,

The sickle moon


All is quiet

At this evening hour

Even the heart

Listening to the

Infiltrating beats of


And knowing that

It is helpless

To prevent

The rain

© Shulamit Sapir – Nevo


I collect


I collect the

 The last golden days

 Of October

 In my hands

 Before arrival of the rain

 Before the coming of the storm

My love -

The journeys

That we did not make this summer

Are folded away

 And with them

The silent summer moon




After the winter

We sail to a small island

We will relearn

The language of love

© Shulamit Sapir – Nevo




SHULAMIT SAPIR-NEVO, Israel. Is a writer, a poet and the CEO of OURBOOX She has published several books of poetry, in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Greek, and one novel. Many of her original poems in Hebrew and other poems that were translated into English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic were published in international newspapers and websites. She has received several awards for her achievements in poetry She is a member of the “Israeli Writers Society"


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