Wednesday, November 1, 2023





A discarded sketch

in a wastebasket…

An angry paper

drunk with storms….

A folded newspaper

reverently asleep in the armchair...

A room with huge

mouth without teeth,

next to a fainting

crimson ...kiss!




Disappearing from sight

of autumn,

from the steps of pain

Rolling on asphalt

truck overweight like a ready wrestler…



with broken chalk

on a school blackboard

with spelling mistakes...

Disappearance of dusty

with torn book covers

who gnaw with bulimia

the sorrows of…inspiration!


Binding Sun


Hands pierced

in the nail of hatred

The sun's gaze turned gray

on Saturday


and sighs washed out

the vanity of drunken clouds

The sun chained beggar

in the sky of wandering

of a static and torturous wandering,

the sun is dripping with sweat

of a yellow melancholy

Indifference the birds pass him by,

there is a captive sun

that screams…

Dawn doesn't bend

at the headrest of the night

There is pain in chains

in the clouds of denial...

Moons don't blind

in the light of

the stars shine on his complaint


they slip into the gloom...

Three bitter conversations

from the mouth of the sun

and his rays bound

with speared chains…

The sun photographed

his inspiration the unbearable patience

for mortals to see the armor

He burst into tears, burning his silence

and a bird in its beak

keeps his… soul!



PETROS KYRIAKOU VELOUDAS was born in Agrinio, Etoloakarnania, in 1977. He studied at the Faculty of Humanities of the Open University of Patras, studying Greek culture. Today he works as a private employee. He is. member of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF GREEK LITERARY ARTISTS-DEEL, AMBASSADOR OF GREEK POETRY OF EQUALITY IN BANGLADESH. MEMBER OF THE INTERNATIONAL LITERARY ASSOCIATIONS WRITERS UNION, WORLD UNION OF POETS. He has received thirty international poetry awards from various countries. Most of his poems have been translated into many languages ​​(indicatively we mention TUNISIA, INDIA, SPAIN, ALBANIA, ROMANIA, PERU, COLOMBIA, AMERICA, CHINA, JAPAN. Finally, he has worked as a radio producer in local radio stations, his lyrics were set to music by Greek composers and are posted on youtube. His poems have been published in Agrinio newspapers (such a MACHITIS, ANAGELLIA, PALMOS) It is worth noting that his poetic work is included in the great encyclopedia of contemporary Greek writers by HARI PATSI.-


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