Wednesday, November 1, 2023



Water Falls


Ebulliently casting

Shadow shards like feathers

That swim with the clouds

How they electrify

Mixing yet staying

Jaunty in the sky.


A Lamp


Sits on my desk

It’s surface hard


It shines

It’s oval shape calls

It was a gift many

Years ago, I hardly

Remember, I’m grateful

For its light, it’s

Unobtrusive color

Reflections of it


Listening, longing

To dance and sing

To do what I can do.


A Path


Tangles through underbrush

It weaves and turns

In complicated ways

Like a violin contemplating

The tick tick of feet

Falling leaves, the timid

The spry, awaiting.




ANN PRIVATEER is a poet, artist, and photographer. She lived in the Midwest and now resides in California. Her work has been published in various journals.


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