Wednesday, November 1, 2023



The Days Are Walking On Tiptoes


I'm inside the mirror

Solitude without shifts on the streets

Rain is smacking the haunches of the night

The fluidity of an innocence

Whose kıblah unaware of its root


Hope is dying in the same photo frame

A darkness bandaged in cocoons

In the well inside me

Violets are waiting for the rainbow

By taking the rebellion out of pain

How long does it take to be in blossom

How many of the swallows die by a stray round


The days are walking on tiptoes

I haven't experienced any of them


Translated By Recep Nas





ÖNDER ÇOLAKOĞLU was born in İskenderun. He lives in Izmir. He has two daughters named Ekin and Deniz. He works as a Specialist Doctor (Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology) in a private hospital in Izmir. His poems and text were published in the magazines Varlık, Yeni e, Bireylikler, Sincan İstasyonu, Hurriyet Gösteri, Sözcükler, Eliz Edebiyat, Akatalpa, Çini Edebiyat, Caz Kedisi, Edebiyat Nöbeti, Hayal, Yaşam Sanat and Iran Tabriz in Persian and Azerbaijani Turkish in Ghoroob. His first book, 'Çapak' was from Hayal Publishing in January 2018, and the second book 'Taş Uğultusu' was published in November 2019 by Hayal Publishing. The book 'Taş Uğultusu' won the Ruhi Türkyılmaz Art House award in 2020.


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