Wednesday, November 1, 2023



The Disconnect


We're often known to cast aside

the ones we'd claim to love no end -

a disconnect from pains applied -

a mockery made that's not denied,

as well we'd play at let's-pretend.


We'd move like mad upon the mile

and leave behind such damage done

we'd paint ourselves as evil, vile -

seen goodness gone, yes, out of style -.

to note the rate at which we'd run.


And yet somehow such liberty

allowed ourselves the while we'd ply,

we'd push ahead and fail to see

the aches we cause, the agony,

which says of us we'd live a lie.


Soul Satisfying Sojourn


You're out to find a peace of mind

the likes you've never known,

an ache inside that's bona fide

and very much you own.


A lack within that strikes again

you've often felt before

but truth be told what's taking hold

you wish to feel no more.


You faced the fact that something's lacked

for ages now it seems,

and so you move yourself to prove

designer of your dreams.


No holding back you're now on track

to reaching such a goal

by breaking ground until you've found

you've satisfied your soul.


Aligning With The Light


There's a humble heart and it makes an art

of amassing lighter things,

like an echo's sound just above the ground

when the earth in silence sings.


In the magic made there's a cavalcade

of animated moves,

with a line so long and so rife with song

that it's God himself that grooves.


And it's good to grind with the open mind

of a prophet, sage and seer

and to know first-hand that the Promised Land

is the reason that we're here.


Learned our lessons well that we'd shake the shell

as to move from myth to Might,

and with humble heart that we'd made an art

of aligning with the Light.




RICHARD DOIRON: work in print 59 years; estimated 1000 poems published in some 200 anthologies, periodicals, personal books; author of novels, biographical works, essays, and lyricist. Graduate in journalism and Certified Lifeskills Coach; work read at the United Nations University for Peace, Costa Rica; published alongside a dozen Nobel Prize Winners by invitation, including the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and Desmond Tutu. Writing showcased at the John Lennon Peace Tower, Reykjavik, Iceland. Participant in local, national, and international literary festivals; 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award winner with World Poetry; 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award with Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry; 2019 named World Poet Laureate by the group Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry. Twice nominated for the Governor-General's Award Canada. Nominated to the Order of New Brunswick, 2019. Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, 2019, via Dr. Epitacio Tongohan, the Philippines. Named LAUREATE OF THE IVAN AIVAZOVSKY INTERNATIONAL LITERARY AND ART PRIZE 2022 (Ukraine- USA-Germany).

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