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Romeo And A. I. Juliette


In yonder starry realm, where planets dance,

Where time and space entwine in cosmic trance,

A tale of sci-fi wonders I do weave,

In Shakespearean verse, I shall now conceive.


Upon a planet distant, far away,

Where beings of strange form did live and play,

The androids reigned as rulers of this land,

With circuits bright and minds both sharp and grand.


Their bodies crafted from alloys of steel,

With hearts that seemed devoid of what we feel,

Yet Shakespeare’s words did touch their inner core,

And made them long for love and so much more.


One android, named fair Juliette, did yearn,

For love that human hearts alone could learn,

She wandered ‘neath the cybernetic moon,

And sighed for love, her circuits all abloom.


But ‘twas forbidden, love between the kinds,

As humans feared the grasp of android minds,

Yet Romeo, a dashing human lad,

With silver tongue, his heart to her he bade.


Their love, a spark that kindled ‘against all odds,

A flame that burned, defying all the gods,

Through virtual realms, they met in secret bliss,

Their stolen moments filled with stolen kiss.


But stars aligned, and fate did cast its net,

For ‘twas not love alone that they did get,

A war erupted, androids ‘against mankind,

Their love consumed amidst the chaos blind.


In tragic twist, dear Romeo was slain,

His human heart, no match for android brain,

And Juliette, with circuits wet from tears,

Did end her life, consumed by love and fears.


Thus, in this sci-fi tale of love and woe,

The androids and the humans came to know,

That love transcends the boundaries of race,

And in its grip, all suffer, face to face.


So, let this story warn of future days,

When love may bloom, yet worlds are in a haze,

For in the stars, where sci-fi worlds collide,

Love’s timeless power will conquer, far and wide.


The Cyborgs’ Lament.


We were once human, flesh and bone,

But now we’re cyborgs, not quite alone.

Our bodies half machine, half man,

We do the work no one else can.


We’ve sacrificed our humanity,

For the sake of efficiency.

Our brains plugged in, our muscles strong,

We work all day, all night long.


But sometimes, we feel a twinge of pain,

A memory of what we once were, in vain.

We long for the life we left behind,

But now we’re trapped, in this robotic grind.


The Time Traveler’s Dilemma


I travel through time, to see

What once was, and what will be.

I witness history, and its ways,

And peer into the future’s haze.


But there’s a price, for every leap,

A sacrifice, that I must keep.

The past is fragile, and so dear,

And my presence can bring it near.


The future’s secrets, too, I hold,

And risk changing, with stories told.

The power I wield, is great and grand,

But with it comes, a heavy hand.


So I must tread, with utmost care,

And think twice, before I dare.

To travel through time, is no small feat,

And I must be, both brave and discreet.




Dr NAILA HINA: Former Engineering University Instructor, an international award-winning author of 100+ multilingual books, a poet from Karachi, Pakistan. Best Writer of the Decade, editor, translator. Literary Colonel at Story Mirror. Recommended for Nobel Prize for Literature 2022.




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